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“You can’t destroy what you didn’t create” – Sidesoft responds to MC Kats

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  • You stole my money and have to apologise; MC Kats
  • You have never helped me in my career; Sidesoft

It seems like the once happy work relationship between Producer Sidesoft and TV Host MC Kats have ended and battle lines now drawn. In a recent development, the timid Sidesoft made a scathing response to MC Kat’s allegations made on Facebook.

In the wee hours of Tuesday at 2:14 AM, MC Kats made a hard-to-read Facebook post. In the post, MC Kats alleged that a one Gucci Bryan and Sidesoft had stolen UGX4m and UGX7m respectively.

We tried to reach MC Kats for detailed comment on this but he is a hard man to reach on phone; we were not lucky. Sidesoft too refused to give us a comment on the same but instead went to his Facebook timeline and made some really strong revelations.

“You promised to put me down in a month and I think you are doing it. I don’t want to wrestle with a brand like you because it is playing its usual games; you have experience in the hate game,” read part of Sidesoft’s response to MC Kats. “As you try to put me down, I will fight back because this is my business too and I have hustled alone in this industry. Have you ever helped me in my career as a producer? So, I don’t think you can destroy what you didn’t create,” he adds.

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Sidesoft also makes revelations about MC Kats plot against on-and-off girlfriend Fille and her lover Omar. Sidesoft makes mention of a plan to shoot Fille and her lover and a safe house date for Fille’s lover and ‘some dirty officers’.

We’re not quite sure when Sidesoft and MC Kats started working together but the first public knowledge was in February this year. We are following up to establish what soured this working relationship.

MC Kats is a renowned TV host on NBS TV and event MC. On NBS, he co-hosts NBS After 5 with Douglas Lwanga, DJ Roja, and DVJ Mercy. Sidesoft, on the other hand, is a music producer who has been behind a couple of popular songs in Uganda.

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