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Wow! Check out these amazing bridge and Ssese island photos by Joshua Daaki


I first personally met Joshua Daaki a few years back as a graphics designer at CareQuest graphics in Jinja. I never dwelled so much on his photography as it wasn’t really my interest at the time but boy had a unique touch when it comes to graphics.

For the past three or four years, Josh (I prefer to call him that) has been using his photography to better businesses, campaigns, events, startups and small brands. He basically merged his profound knowledge in social media marketing and travel with photography eventually coming up with his offering as Business & Digital Marketing Consultancy.

I recently chanced on these photos of the new Nile Bridge and there was something about them that kept me staring at them over and over. I later found out the photographer was the Josh I knew; Joshua Daaki. In the same platform are more Ssese Island photos.

Daaki Joshua is a freelance Business Growth Consultant

“I travel a lot lately and I found a way to make use of the travel opportunities I get. I now travel to create impact. You know me as a creative but I now merged that with my skills in business design & growth, photography and a strong social media marketing knowledge,” intimated Josh in a brief chat I had with him over the week.

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Joshua Daaki has to date supported 30+ brands across East Africa and worked on 3 international programmes supporting local entrepreneurs. Across all these projects, Josh has employed graphics & web design, photography, business design and influencer marketing to create outstanding results for his clients.


Check him out at his online home at

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Born and bred in Jinja, Ian is a full-time content creator at Skizar. When not held up at Skizar, Ian is a creative with interests in graphics and web design.

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