Why fans do not notice your music


“Why does artiste X get more gigs when I’m way better than them?” Since I joined the music business, this is one question I have come across countless times. It doesn’t help that many low-profile (upcoming) artistes think that breaking through in this competitive space happens overnight. 6 months in the game and you want a breakthrough? Suck a thumb child!

Well, some artistes take a minimum of 4 years fighting for a breakthrough though but it is not a must that everyone must do 4 years to get that break. Remember it takes time to perfect your craft. Maybe not years but it takes time, and work. Let’s look at some pointers.

Take a very long and good look at your product. What are you selling? Music is just but a small part of your product. Your product is a complete package of;

  1. Your artiste image; how do you look on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter?
  2. Your artist bio for all music websites and press releases.
  3. Your music.
  4. Your skills; do you play an instrument?
  5. Your business skills; do you have a marketing strategy?
  6. Your dedication to investing in your career; how deep is your passion?
  7. Your tone; how do you interact with fans, potential fans, promoters and press?

Let’s look into a simple but often overlooked item, your ‘artiste image.’ Does your image in newspapers, entertainment blogs, and social media represent you positively?

You may have paid Nessim a fortune for audio production, a lump sum to Sasha Vybz for the visuals and dropped a song with the potential of ‘hit’ status. If your promo pictures are terrible, it’s very unlikely that a presenter or blog will pick interest in your work, maybe they will but it is very unlikely.


L-R: Music producer Nessim and Videographer Sasha Vybz.

Your promo pictures don’t have to be ‘glamour’ shots like those shot by Oscar Ntege; it is simply about your pictures representing who you are as an artiste. If you are an artiste who sings about the lavish life (money, cars, and women) then your shots should portray you in that light. Fashion forward trends, flashy cars and the hottest models in town should be part of your concepts, instead of taking selfies on your phone. Yes, I have seen this more times than I can count. Make your audience get the urge to spend on your brand.

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PERSONAL OPINION: I know what Spice Diana stands for when I go through her Instagram feed; she’s all about setting Fashion Trends and the Abryanz Style & Fashion Awards clearly sealed it. I have noticed the same image screaming from Pia Pounds and Nina Roz’s Instagrams. But when I visit John Blaq’s Instagram, I am left hanging. He’s the most trending artist in 2019 but it’s hard to identify who he is as an artiste.

L-R: Nina Roz, Spice Diana, John Blaq, and Pia Pounds.

So, as a checklist, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Does this picture really represent me well? Does it add to the story of who I am as an artiste?
  2. Does this picture show who I really want to be or does it make me look an amateur?
  3. Will this picture make people want to learn more about my music?
  4. Do I look the same in real life as I do in the picture? Keep your promo picture current.

To sum up this up, getting noticed requires a lot of things and the artist image plays a huge role. Take time off, look at the entire list with an open mind and fix each accordingly. If your image is bad, people will most likely not listen to your music however good it is. The hard truth is; people judge books by their covers.

Also, if your biography is lacking in information, trust me that you will not get media coverage. We live in an era where journalists are in a comfort zone where information must find them. So make sure your information is readily available online to simplify their job.


Until then, bless up as we continue building this industry brick by brick.

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Don Andrea

Don Andrea is a journalist and data analyst with a passion for music and entertainment. "Opinions are mine, comments are yours." - Don Andrea.

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