WHO IS WHO: Razzo drops ‘Underwear Nnene’ Video

When it comes to the rap and Lugaflow business in Jinja, Razzo “Omwana W’eka” needs no introduction. He has gone on to reemphasize his presence with a new video drop; Underwear Nnene!

Underwear Nnene, loosely translated to mean ‘big size’ or ‘above-your-pay-grade’, is produced as a response on the “Who Is Who Challenge” started by Feffe Bussi. On the challenge, Feffe jumps on Nas’ Hate Me Now instrumental and provokes rappers to come out and defend their presence in the business.

Razzo comes out with a rather satirical and hidden response on ‘Underwear Nnene’. He takes his preaching to reach more than just the rappers as he also hints on real-life parasites and haters before finally delivering his message to what we now know as ‘fake rappers’!

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Razzo has been off for some time and for this, he says he’s been working on stabilizing his businesses though he’s been working on some music. Is this the ultimate come-back for the Mbikko boy? Let’s hear what you have to say in the comments below.

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Ian Kiryowa

Born and bred in Jinja, Ian is a full-time content creator at Skizar. When not held up at Skizar, Ian is a creative with interests in graphics and web design.

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