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Who is right and who is wrong in this ‘Fresh Kid saga’?

It is now a week into the Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) and our boys are truly representing Uganda with Denis Onyango being the talk-of-town after that miraculous save, which actually made me even think he’s better than Manchester United’s David de Gea. For those of us who didn’t go to Egypt, we are rooting for you guys all the way; keep raising our flag high.

Away from soccer, for the past two months, I have abstained from discussing Fresh Kid yet someway, the latest stand-off between his manager and dad has dragged me out of kamooli. I will not dwell on the information that you already know but will rather point to some bit that I think might help you make sense of this stand-off better without fronting emotions.

Hate it, love it, for the first time in a long time now, an artist has dominated the conversation on social media this long, to a level that we seemed to have forgotten about the Bobi-Bebe faceoffs and the chicken fights between their camps. It is not only these two; many artists are indeed suffering from the 7-year-old’s social media dominance.

Vinka drops a new video every first day of the month but is it big news anymore? No. Jamaican reggae artist Chronixx is in town but he can wait, netizens are still hooked on to the Fresh Kid buzz. The other day, Bebe Cool released Nkuliyo, a good song by the way, but some of you don’t even know. The Cindy-Sheebah beef, Fic Fameica’s collabo with Patoranking, and Pallaso’s announcement to stand to represent Kawempe South as MP have all been shadowed by Fresh Kid! It is only the Uganda Cranes that measures up right now. Beat that!

So, what is this buzz about Fresh Kid? Well, there has recently been a stand-off that has hooked all media houses and the social pages. The stand-off is about a show in Dubai where Fresh Kid is booked to perform. Paul ‘Fresh Muzeeyi’ Mutabazi (Fresh Kid’s paps) insists his kid goes nowhere without him and this has gotten the beehive buzzing with opinions flying all around.


Ruparelia Group’s Rajiv Ruparelia extended a full scholarship to study at Kampala Parents School. (Photo Courtesy: www.newz.ug)

But wait, a memorandum of understanding was drafted and signed by all responsible parties to protect Fresh Kid as a minor. In that agreement, it is clearly stated that “The Father shall always be present on all shows where Fresh Kid is slated to perform.” So the real stand-off is that after signing this agreement, Francis Kamoga, Fresh Kid’s manager goes ahead to confirm a show in Dubai and doesn’t include Fresh Muzeeyi in any of the itinerary plans. Fresh Muzeeyi learns of this and stands ground that his kid goes nowhere without him.

I have a couple of questions here; Is Fresh Kid a minor? Is Francis Fresh Kid’s paps? Between Francis and Fresh Muzeeyi, who loves the talented version of Fresh Kid and who loves the untalented version of Fresh Kid? Will Francis stay when promoters stop booking Fresh Kid for shows? The questions can go on and on but let me sum up my opinion about this.

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First up, effective June 1st, 2018, minors below 18 years can no longer travel to the United Arab Emirates without an authorization letter from their parents in case they are not traveling with them. An authorization form must be filled by the parents with relevant details of the child’s address abroad and in the UAE and information about who will receive the child in the UAE. >New UAE Regulations<

Secondly, before authorities stepped up, Francis didn’t see any problem moving with Fresh Kid at 3AM performing at shows, the boy missing school, and hanging out at the De Texas Entertainment abode. In my opinion, Francis clearly doesn’t have Fresh Kid’s best interests; it is about how much Fresh Kid can rake in and of course when Fresh Kid isn’t fresh anymore, Francis will definitely hook up another artist that can bring him some monies.

Thirdly, in an interview on BABA TV’s Bang Show hosted by Alfa Tymz, Iryn Namubiru weighed in on this issue and said that she once bumped into the kid backstage at Comedy Store in an environment not suitable for any child. Having been in this business for a long time now, backstage is the worst place you can ever expose your child to. The immorality that goes on behind there is disgusting and no one really cares whether there is a kid or not.


Fourthly, this situation clearly shows that our industry is still lagging behind; this is basic information. There is no immigration office that can grant a visa to a minor without written consent from the parents. Maybe, if Francis wants to travel alone with Fresh Kid, it’s best he talks to the parents to make him the officially recognized guardian, which is totally impossible.

A Buganda adage goes that “Akakyaama amamera, bwokagolola kamenyeka.” Fresh Muzeeyi genuinely cares for his boy, and is willing and ready to protect him from the wrath of this Ugandan music industry. You can not and should never blame a parent for trying to protect their child from the wolves there are.

So, Francis must honor the agreement he signed on. All promoters out there also need to know that when booking Fresh Kid, they need to facilitate three people; Fresh Kid, his manager, and his parent. If you as a promoter cannot afford accommodating the three, don’t even think about engaging the manager.

It is a good thing the parties all reached an agreement and Fresh Kid will perform in Dubai. I wish him the best of luck as I also pray that Fresh Muzeeyi doesn’t give in to pressure from the public; abantu bawano nga befuula!!! I’m out.

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