“We are still here for a long time to come,” Queen’s Palace quashes eviction rumor

The revamped Queen's Palace VIP Lounge. (Photo Credit: Skizar)
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Iganga Road based Queen’s Palace insist they are going nowhere. This is in response to the rumor mill that has been rife that the now 6-year old establishment is being forced out of it’s premises by their landlord.

Around the end of January and beginning of February this year, a rumor circulated that Queen’s Palace had been given up to 6 months, up to end of June 2019, to vacate their leased premises. The rumor went on to detail how the landlord hadn’t given them an option, apart from leaving their premises.

“We can’t really tell why and how that info started,” mentioned Queen’s Palace’s publicist, Job ‘DJ Baby Job’ Bageya. “Whatever the motive behind it, we do not have the slightest idea about it. We have neither received any communication from our landlord to that effect nor are we planning to move any time soon,” he added.

According to documents seen by this website, Queen’s Palace is in a 10-year contract with their landlord. Part of the obligations on the part of Queen’s Palace is to pay their rent yearly. There is no indication that either parties have breached their terms of reference so this, in essence, waters any kind of strained relationship between the two parties.

Queen’s Palace’s Job Solomon ‘DJ Baby Job’ Bageya. (Photo Credit: Skizar)

“We are open for business as always and have also revamped our theme nights. Detailed information about the changes will be communicated at the end of this month,” added Job, stamping their we-are-still-around position.

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Many times, such rumors have been created to discredit establishments while promoting others. In essence, you wouldn’t be wrong to speculate that the rumor must have been started to market a business competitor.

“We are happy that the market now has new players. We are happy because for us it is time to check ourselves and see what we might be doing wrong,” answered Job when asked if Queen’s Palace wasn’t intimidated by the new hangouts that have opened up. “We believe competition is healthy and brings out the best in the players.”

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