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UGANDA: What is Swangz Avenue up to this time?

Last week Uganda’s Leading film & Audio Production House Swangz Avenue rolled out a project with the Jamaican Star Tarrus Riley, Uganda a song where he sang about Uganda while relating it to a very charming girl & this added a milestone to their work.

Now we are wondering what they could be up to this time round! A Swangz Avenue team has been seen heading to Northern Uganda with vans full of film equipment. Their offices are closed with a notice that they’ll be back in 10 days. For Swangz to be closed down for 11 days!!! That is business unusual.

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Rumor has it that Swangz Avenue might be working on another big project with an International star.

Questions remain: what could get Swangz to close for close 10 days? Why is everyone at Swangz so busy to even give a comment?

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