UGANDA: Second edition of ‘Azulato Children’s Festival’ excites holiday makers

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Running for the second time, the Azulato Children’s Festival seems to have sealed its place on the children’s holiday calendar. The festival which happened on Sunday 28th April 2019 at Kololo-based Seven Trees Gardens attracted thousands of excited children accompanied by their parents.

Families led by curious holiday makers turned up for the free event and children had the opportunity to take part in hands-on arts and science activities, interactive workshops and live performances by various Ugandan organizations and schools.

Just like the previous year, there were crazy science experiments with the Mad Scientist, beat-boxing, pottery, drum circles, recycling, storytelling, free face painting and board games. The second edition also saw the addition of Capoeira (a form of martial arts) and crotchet making.

It was fun for children as they visited different workshop stations to try out various arts and science activities. Schools like Kiwatule Primary School, Blessed Toddlers Nursery and Primary School, Baraka Performers, Rays of Hope among others gave powerful stage performances through traditional and creative dances and singing.

“Our education system focuses majorly on cramming what is in the books, teachers undermine the slow learners hence killing their self-esteem. It would be very important to discover the child’s strength or interests and then purely help to develop that whether in Science, sports, art, speech and social interaction. The child will freely discover and express themselves better. With this generation, self-expression and creativity matters so much for the growth of our young people,” said Isa Gyagenda of Faamclub, an organization that conducted workshops at the festival.

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“With our workshop, children have been able to create artsy works out of the thrown away materials which are most dangerous to our environment especially plastics. They later enjoyed modelling with their recycled fashion work, something that helps them learn to save our environment and also encourages self-expression and creativity because they do the work themselves,” he added.

Azulato Children’s Festival in pictures. (Photo Credit: De Lovie Photography and Kakatshozi)

This year’s festival was even more inclusive with initiatives like Save Street Children Uganda, a home for former Street children and Home of Joy Centre for Children with Disabilities proudly presenting powerful performances on the main stage after which they later joined in on the fun workshops and activities.

At the end of the day, the festival’s vision of promoting active learning and inspiring children to discover new interests and talents was fully achieved.

Azulato Children’s Festival is an initiative by the Goethe Zentrum Kampala, Uganda German Cultural Society with the aim of giving children innovative new ways to learn and develop skills at a young age. This edition was made possible through collaboration between very many Ugandan organizations in partnership with the organizers Goethe-Zentrum Kampala, the Uganda German Cultural Society. The organizers promise a bigger festival next year with more activities that inspire curiosity, creativity and scrutiny among Uganda’s children.

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