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UGANDA: “Go and apologize to Ssebulime’s family” – Bebe Cool tells Minister Idah Nantaba


In a rare move, one that will get the entire Ugandans on social media to his support, Musician Bebe Cool has advised the State Minister in the Uganda Ministry of Information and Communications Technology, Ida Erios Nantaba, to apologize to the family of Ronald Ssebulime who was killed on suspicion of being a hit-man on the Minister’s life.

In a morning post on his Facebook Page, the musician born Moses Ssali used the first 66 of the 153-worded post to influence the Minister to act right in the face of a situation that went out of hand resulting in the death of suspect who by all indications now, was innocent.

“Morning fam,Hon Nantaba pliz whereas one may understand your security concerns,it would be wise you go and apologise to the family of the late Sebulime because your ego led to the killing of an innocent man and a single father,sit down with UGANDA police and set up a trust fund for his children’s education and well being.Your story will make more sense when you show remorse,” read the post in part.

Minister Idah Nantaba speaks at the Uganda Film Festival in November 2018. (Photo Credit: Uganda Film Festival)

On Sunday 24th March, 2019, a one Ronald Ssebulime was gunned down in what has turned out to be a cold-blood murder. Ssebulime was suspected to be trailing Minister Nantaba on his sports bike in a hit-man kind of situation. The Minister responded by informing the Uganda Police installation at Nagalama who swiftly responded.

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In a sudden turn of events, reports indicate the officers who apprehended and contained Ssebulime later shot him at close-range while he was still handcuffed. More reports indicate Ronald Ssebulime was a man going to visit his children at school and in his bag were foodstuff and assorted things need at the school.


The narrative that has since Sunday kept changing got the public into a frenzy after it turned out Ronald Ssebulime wasn’t armed, that Minister Nantaba’s car wasn’t shot at, that Minister Nantaba was not harmed a bit, and that the Police Officers executed a man without due process.

What do you make of Bebe Cool’s post?

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