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Uganda Breweries’ Herbert Ndugga gets bragging rights!

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If your beer is Guinness, and you’re a regular on the Jinja night scene, the name ‘Herbert owa Bell’ should ring a bell. Herbert Ndugga is the sales rep for Uganda Breweries in this town and he has gained a reputation for being obscenely outgoing. If you met him today and one of you chatted up the other, someone will walk by and think you guys have known each other for decades.

He is that outgoing and if you know the psych about Ugandan party animals, if you give them that kind of attachment in a bar, they will somehow be inclined towards whatever you are selling. That’s why places like Sombreros have a cult-like clientele even when the place has a billion loopholes that give you a billion reasons not to be there. You feel guilty not drinking whatever Herbert is selling or anything from his company simply because of that attachment.

Herbert’s efforts on the job were recognized today at UBL’s annual staff conference that is taking place at the Munyonyo Speke Resort. The conference, we learned, started yesterday (Thursday) and ends on Saturday. Herbert received the MD’s Award that recognized him as the most online-voted individual that was exceptional in strengthening UBL’s core brands in the market across the year. Just in case you do not know, UBL’s core brands are Tusker, Guinness, Senator, Bell, Uganda Waragi, Johnnie Walker, and Smirnoff.

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When we contacted Herbert, the voice on the other end of the line was of one on cloud nine! We’ve never heard Herbert sound the way he did today. He actually intimated to us that the recognition comes with quite a number of things and privileges though he was cagey about the benefits. What we are sure of is that there are monetary benefits to this.

The way Herbert sounded, do not be surprised if he bumps into you and shoots you a crate of beer. We know for a fact that every time Herbert is in such high spirits, there’s always a reason for him to shoot.

On a similar note, Arthur Bagenze was officially unveiled at this very conference.

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