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Tonny Wantimba fired at Busoga One FM; conflict of interest cited as cause

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After 619 days since we reported that Tonny Wantimba had signed on a contract to cross over from 87.7 BABA FM to 90.6 Busoga One FM, the radio journeyman’s services are no longer needed at what has been his duty station.

Word and confirmation of his suspension came through on Monday evening after he was officially asked to step aside citing conflict of interest in his operations. “We have had to let him go,” intimated Busoga One’s Programmes Director, Peter “Rio Alton” Kasolo in a phone chat with the writer.

From the rumors on the social media streets, inside sources confirm that it had come to management’s notice that Wantimba was in heightened and secret talks with his former bosses at BABA FM to get his job back and it seemed like BABA FM was willing to welcome back the prodigal son.

Peter ‘Rio Alton’ Kasolo. (Photo Credit: Kasolo/Facebook)

We cannot independently verify the information but we can speculate on why Tonny Wantimba would want to go back to his old job. Our speculation rotates around his investment as a politician where he could benefit from the BABA FM owner’s deep pockets and the fact that with BABA TV, it would be VERY EASY for him to get onto the silver screen; something we have found out is the holy grail for most of Jinja’s media personalities.

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Busoga One FM, owned by Jinja East legislator Paul Mwiru, couldn’t comment more on the matter apart from confirming that they had terminated Wantimba as of Monday 23rd July 2018 whereas on their part, BABA FM, owned by NRM’s Jinja West legislator Balyeku Moses Grace and Tonny Wantimba have not come out to pronounce themselves on the matter.

This is a developing story and we will keep you ahead of the conversation.

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