Tobiloberamu; Use AFCON to push your music!

As we prepare to support our boys (Uganda Cranes) in the Africa Cup of Nations tourney that kicks off next Friday, it got me thinking how an artiste can use this tournament to push their music to soccer fans. I know someone out there is asking how the two relate. Well, soccer is in itself entertainment and music is always played before kickoff, during halftime, and at the end of a game.

Time and again, you have probably seen how big brands like MTN, Airtel, Safe Boda, and Nile Special among others jump onto trending news headlines with just one aim; pushing for more visibility. Oh boy, it always pays off. Have you seen any artiste do this kind of marketing to create more buzz for their works? No? Me neither.

Here’s the thing. Our boys are heading to Egypt for the 32nd Africa Cup of Nations tourney. This, from June 21st, is going to be the talk-of-the-town for 30 days. Question: How will you tap into that audience? Remember, everyone enjoys music no matter the occasion and genre.

From Don Andrea’s Playbook for Winners, I have some ideas you can employ to tap into the AFCON mileage. Do not get it twisted though; these are my opinions. I’m not a pro marketer but I have acquired knowledge in Social Media Marketing which I use to push some, not all, products thrown at me.


A Nike 2018 World Cup photo shoot by Nick Pecori, a commercial, lifestyle, and fashion photographer. (Photo Courtesy: www.fstoppers.com)

This song has been sung countless times! Call up your photographer for a photo-shoot and please, this shoot must have a director. Remember the theme is “Sports”; Uganda Cranes in particular. The photographer should use a green-screen for this shoot as this will help them generate images with no background also referred to as PNG images. With PNGs, your graphics guy should be able to play around with any backgrounds.


The end game with this effort is to show the soccer side you’re rooting for, in this case Uganda Cranes. You can then manipulate this artwork all over social media. You can create artwork of a Uganda Cranes match like ‘D. R. Congo vs Uganda’ with your PNG image and a hangout/place where you will watch the game from.

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Social Media Ads

There is immense value in Social Media Ads. (Photo Courtesy: www.mediaupdate.co.za)

By now, a serious artiste must know the importance of Social Media Ads. With the graphics you have come up with, schedule Ads to run across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Since you’re using AFCON to push your craft, add your YouTube channel link in the post you are boosting. You’re actually advertising your YouTube channel in the guise of AFCON… Tobiloberamu!

Run a ‘Predict & Win’ promo for your YouTube channel

You can partner with any hangout and run a ‘Predict & Win’ promo for your fans. It can be any promo but for relevance since its AFCON season, ‘Predict & Win’ serves the purpose. The promo could be that the one who gets the prediction right gets to dine or hangout with you at the hangout you chose to partner with.

Share Live Video on Facebook and Instagram stories

Facebook Live Video posts. (Photo Courtesy: www.techspot.com)

As you tap into the AFCON mileage, do not forget that your fans want to know what you’re up to. This is the point where Live Video streams come in. Ate do not go Facebook Live while in your bed! Remember the gist is Uganda Cranes so share your moments at the place where you’re watching the game from, interact with your fans and people who are at the same place, ask for predictions and why that particular prediction. This way, a person glued to their socials out there will make a routine to follow you and guess what, you can get some Page Likes from your competitor colleagues in the game.

The ideas can keep on flowing. The sense in this is to share your AFCON experience with your fans and people out there, that’s all they need this season and they will keep it locked with you. Till next Friday, I remain yours truly Don Andrea. We shall build this industry brick by brick.


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