To make or not make a ‘Lyric Video’; What you need to know…

For two weeks, I have been down and couldn’t write anything. This week has been a crazy one full of shockers; from the Judith Babirye saga to Anita Da Diva’s shocking video revelation as a victim of domestic violence and drug abuse. Anita, a once promising Dancehall sensation, is now a struggling housewife! I hope the concerned NGOs and the Uganda Music Association come in with an intervention; May the good Lord see her through.

Today, let’s have a conversation about the now-popular Lyric Videos that are all over YouTube. For a reason I’m yet to understand, our Ugandan artistes are not yet hyped up about this trend. We have very few Lyric Videos, very few that they can’t sustain a two-hour music show on television. It is actually the reason Magic 1HD ends up playing ‘international’ videos on their Lyp Sync show.

We all know YouTube is one of the primary digital platforms where one can earn some money for their music but many Ugandan artistes tend to only upload their music videos.

Looking back a few years ago, you will notice fans have always loved song lyrics. Personally, I had three ‘black books’ full of lyrics of Janet Jackson, Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, R Kelly, Chaka Demus & Pliers, and many other artistes’ music at the time just so I could sing along when the songs played on the radio.

When the internet boomed after 1998, there were many websites from which we could copy lyrics and have them printed out. Then YouTube was founded in 2005 and it was a game-changer. So, lyrics are not a new concept as they have been here for over 25 years.


You have to fuss over Lyric Videos…

 I am one of the many people who are not into music videos. When I watch a music video once, I find no need to watch it again. I’m actually more of an audio guy, I love to sing along to all the songs I listen to and this is where Lyric Videos come in handy.

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Here are more reasons why Lyric Videos are all the fuss

  • People enjoy them and love to see the animated lyrics of the song
  • Lyric Videos are faster and much cheaper to produce than standard music videos
  • Lyric Videos require no sets, costumes, lighting, production design, or even directors
  • The artiste doesn’t have to be there for a Lyric Video to be produced
  • You can use Lyric Videos for every song you release which is not so possible with music videos
  • Above all, the Lyric Videos help you earn more views for your YouTube channel other than depending mainly on the music videos that come in once in 3 – 4 months.

I, therefore, recommend that it is very important to release a Lyric Video the day you drop that single. Do this as you finish the shooting and production of the official music video. I have seen Swangz Avenue effectively do this for Vinka.

Now I know many artistes will look at this as an extra cost but hey, it isn’t like that. I remember a video editor (names withheld) who asked for UGX 1m to do a Lyric Video for a certain artiste! It was shocking that these artistes are naïve and misinformed, if not uninformed.

When you head over to VideoHive (part of the ENVATO Family), you can buy some really cool Lyric Video templates at only $29 (about UGX 106,000), then give another UGX 100k to the editor for a fine-tuning of the template you bought. You can also just head over to Fiverr and hire someone to do exactly that at only $40 (about UGX 146,000). Explore all the available options before you pay a chunk of money to someone who’s literally a cheat.


Well, hope this opens your minds and perspective towards Lyric Videos. Now go build that channel and garner some more views using Lyric Videos.

Until next Friday, I remain Don Andrea, your partner as we build this industry brick by brick..

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