‘The Rolex Joint’ opens up in Mukono.

The Rolex Joint
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Business must be good for Gabula Road based The Rolex Joint. This can be seen from today’s move that saw the not-so-old establishment set up shop in Mukono, their first joint outside Jinja.

The establishment founder, Timothy Mugote, this morning took to his Facebook timeline to break the news. “Rolex Joint finally open in Mukono! MCity Centre Complex along Bishop Tucker Road! Another day to serve our tasty treats!”

This new joint will make it easier for Uganda Christian University students and rolex lovers from around Mukono and Kampala enjoy the Rolex, made and pimped by the originators.

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The Rolex Joint was founded in 2015 and started out as a mobile food stand serving the popular Rolex to passersby on Main Street opposite the Madhvani Group Headquarters. The stand got some liking and as thus needed a permanent home. They then moved to the Gabula-Ripon Road corner before finally moving to their current home, still on Gabula Road but opposite Islamic Medical Center.

BOTBY G-700×150