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THE LETTER IS FAKE! ‘Neon At The Bridge’ is still on; event not canceled


Today, a document surfaced on social media to the effect that ‘Neon At The Bridge’ had been canceled by Uganda’s Minister of State for Ethics & Integrity, Simon Lokodo. The document dated March 14th 2019 was signed off by the Minister and bore all elements of a legit document.

“As a religious nation, we don’t like to promote alcoholism, pornography and immorality and feel this event which is purportedly an arts concert may turn immoral. I therefore write to cancel this event and invite you (the organisers) to my office to clarify on the general dynamics of the function,” read the letter in part.

We failed to reach the Minister on phone as he was held up at the National Leadership Institute (NALI) in Kyankwanzi. We however reached an aide who after consultations confirmed to us that the letter was not authentic. “I’ve spoken to him and he says he knows nothing about it. So, it’s fake,” intimated the aide who spoke off record.

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So, there you have it; the letter is fake and as thus, ‘Neon At The Bridge’ will go on as earlier planned and organized.

In September 2018, in a move that drew social media wrath, Minister Simon Lokodo used his docket to cancel the Nyege Nyege Festival but hours later, the Government backtracked on his directive as it cleared the event to go on.


‘Neon At The Bridge’ is a talent showcase event that features fashion, dance, music and poetry among others. Come Saturday 16th March, the event, curated by Evoke and sponsored by Tusker Lite, a Uganda Breweries Limited (UBL) brand, will be happening in Jinja for the very first time and the organizers have promised to literally light up the Source of The Nile Bridge as it (event) will happen slightly below the bridge at Forever Resort.

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