The Exim Bank Prepaid VISA Card is a game-changer; You do not need an account!

Exim Bank Uganda yesterday launched a multi-purpose Prepaid VISA Card. The colorful launch event took place yesterday, Friday 29th November 2019 at the bank’s Head Office on Plot 6, Hannington Road in Kampala.

While speaking at the launch event, Mr Sebhapathy Krishnan Triplacane, the Exim Bank Uganda CEO emphasized that the Prepaid VISA Card is aimed at harnessing financial inclusion and supporting the cashless economy.

Sebhapathy Krishnan Triplacane (L) looks on during the press conference. (DAZZLE JAM)

“This is a very memorable launch I don’t want to speak much. This is a wallet in card form and mitigates the risk of carrying cash,” said the CEO. “When coming up with this, we thought about the cashless economy and financial inclusion. In Uganda, if you carry too much money, there is too much risk. So this card mitigates that risk. About financial inclusion, you don’t need an account with Exim Bank to own this card,” he added.

The Exim Bank Prepaid VISA Card is the culmination of a journey that Exim Bank took one year back to ensure digitalization of transactions and customer convenience. This has seen the now three-year-old Exim Bank Uganda launch Agency Banking, branch network expansion to now 6 branches (Hannington Road, Industrial Area, Acacia Mall, Kyaggwe Road, Nakawa, and Kikuubo), internet banking, and mobile banking in the last 12 months.

In his remarks as the Guest of Honor, Moses Watasa applauded Exim Bank Uganda on this product launch. He emphasized that the Prepaid VISA Card will go a long way in encouraging financial discipline including saving and investment. Moses Watasa is the Commissioner of Information Dissemination Monitoring and Inspection in the Ministry of ICT and National Guidance.

Moses Watasa speaks at the Exim Bank Prepaid VISA Card launch. (DAZZLE JAM)

Why you need to get yourself the Exim Bank Prepaid VISA Card

Prepaid Cards combine the convenience of a credit or debit card and allow you to cap/set your spending limit according to your budget. Regardless of your credit rating or income status, the Exim Bank Prepaid VISA Card is available to both unbanked and banked customers, even if you don’t have an Exim Bank account.

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With the many transaction opportunities offered by VISA Cards world over, this particular Exim Bank Prepaid VISA Card comes with added advantages and opportunities including:

  • Flexibility to make purchases in different currencies without facing cross currency costs
  • Flexibility to carry up to 5 different currencies on a single card
  • The convenience of electronic payments on Card and Online transactions
  • A good budgeting tool in managing your spending
  • No account opening is required
  • Flexibility to load the card unlimited times
  • Easy access to your money through all VISA points internationally; ATMs/POS/Online 24/7/365
The Exim Bank Prepaid VISA Card. (SKIZAR)

The Exim Bank Prepaid VISA Card is essentially an ideal alternative to carrying cash; it is safe and secure. The Debit Card (ATM Card) holders afraid of using their cards online now have the opportunity to get this Prepaid Card and use it solely for online transactions. After all, it is not linked to any account.

How does one get the Exim Bank Prepaid VISA Card?

The Exim Bank Prepaid VISA Card is targeted at the banked the unbanked. This includes students, workers, corporates, travellers, and individuals who cannot or do not want to maintain an account with Exim Bank or any other bank.

For anyone interested in obtaining this revolutionary VISA Card, all they have to do is fill in an application form at any Exim Bank Branch or Banking Agent accompanied by a valid national ID (Ugandans) or Passport (Foreigners), one passport-size photo, and UGX15,000. In less than an hour, your Exim Bank Prepaid VISA Card will be ready and handed to you. Just like that.

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