The best ways to wear the Dashiki as a dress shirt

Dashikis have been worn by almost everyone. If you haven’t, sorry for you. For whatever reasons you don the African themed garment, a Dashiki look will always draw attention, it all depends on how you wear it.

Originally from West Africa, the Dashiki is a colorful garment that covers the upper half of the body. Though initially for the men, designer diversification have now availed the fashionable wear for women and kids as well.

The Dashiki derives its name from the Hausa word Dan Ciki to mean shirt. With origins traced back to major parts of West Africa, the garment has both formal and informal versions and variations; from simple draped clothing to fully tailored suits. The most common form though is a loose-fitting pullover garment with an ornate V-shaped collar, a tailored and embroidered neck, and sleeve lines frequently worn with a brimless kufi hat by the Islamic society in Africa.

“Remember, there is nothing sexy about leaving your cellulite on show…”

Uganda being a fashion embracing place hasn’t left the trend to pass it and just like the rest of the world has embraced the rich-in-culture Dashiki, Ugandans too are seen flossing it in form of lose shirts for men and short stylish dresses for the ladies, referred to as the Dashiki dress shirt.

Whereas it’s effortless for the gents to pull off an elegant look with the attire as it can easily go with almost anything from shorts, slim pants, gentle-pants, name it, it’s another thing with the ladies. Like all dress shirts, the most important aspect here is choosing the right length so as not to come off as indecent, given that it is best worn without a bottom.

Be mindful of your body type as it kills or enhances how you wear the Dashiki

For the slim girl, you can have it at least a few quarters up the thighs while it is advisable for the the plus-size girl to keep your Dashiki dress shirt inches up your knees. Remember, there is nothing sexy about leaving your cellulite on show.

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Watch the accessories you match with it, to help pull off the final look. A pair of heels and a clutch would do, or simply a pair of African sandals, and a bag, for a smart look.

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