The Afrigo Band returns to Jinja with ‘Teri Mubi’ album launch this November

Undoubtedly the longest-lasting and most popular musical group in the history of Uganda, Afrigo Band returns to Jinja to launch Teri Mubi, their latest album. The event is scheduled for Saturday 23rd November 2019 at Trans Africa, a town-centre venue.

AZ Laface Entertainment, the concert promoters, are tirelessly marketing the event and promise a never-seen-before unplugged event. “Afrigo Band hasn’t been in Jinja for some time now but their music continues to play and get appreciated. This new album necessitated for us to bring them close to their fans in Jinja,” said AZ Laface Entertainment’s Zoubeir Ntale, a Jinja-bred.

Unlike many album launches, ‘Teri Mubi Album Launch’ will have a minimal number of accompanying musicians. We anticipate that Jose Chameleone will be one of the accompanying acts. This is because, for the last 45 years of their existence, The Afrigo Band has only featured Jose Chameleone on the album. Chameleone is featured on the title track Teri Mubi.

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Teri Mubi is an 8-track album whose concept, according to Moses Matovu the band leader, was based on the need to keep true to the old Afrigo tradition. Tracks like the title song Teri Mubi (5:49), Olulimi Lwange (4:15), Gira Oyige (4:44), Omuze (4:53), and Emiziro (6:14) have a groovy mellow mid-tempo sound. Though Kitokota (4:14), Hamjambo (3:22), and Tojjanga (4:53) are high-tempo, all 8 tracks give prominence to instruments, mood, and the Afrigo reputation.

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For the last 13 years, The Afrigo Band had not released music. Their last album Bagikwongere was released in 2006 and this brought up a critic-question about the band’s creativity. The band’s old-school approach to music has continued to pay off with this new album release.

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