Sunlink Events setups shop in Jinja as an Event SSL service provider

With the growth of the lifestyle space in Jinja and as different service providers hone their service offering, the number of new entrants in the hospitality and recreational sector is increasing by the day, from low-key players to the ‘big boys’.

The newest entrant is Sunlink Events. Sunlink has set up shop as an Events SSL (Stage, Sound, and Lighting) service provider bringing the number of similar service providers to four after PAACO Events Plus, Host Sounds, and SK Events.

Sunlink Events recently shipped in a complete sound system from China-based Guangzhou Master Sound Equipment Co. Limited. The enhanced (read customized) HD (Hot Devices) Range speakers arrived here last week on Wednesday and we are told this was just a fraction of what they had ordered for.

“We have received the first consignment of our order and we’ll try to give our best as we wait for the arrival of the next consignment early next year,” said Sunlink Event’s Rojah Mandre while speaking to us as they offloaded the equipment. “We’re setting up everything and will be business-ready at the beginning of September,” he added.

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With a 4-Speaker Line Array and two 2-in-1 Bass Bins setup each side, and powered by a corresponding mixer and power amplifiers, Sunlink Events’ sound system can power a sizeable event at a space like Trans Africa in Jinja.


What we know so far is that Sunlink Event’s top bosses are not new to the Event SSL business. Rojah and Denis Nume have worked extensively in the sound equipment and events space for quite some time now. Will they up the game or are they coming in just like the other players? Only time can tell.

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