Spice Diana fires up fans as Viewers Nite Club launches ‘Fresh Fridays’


It’s no longer news that when it comes to partying in a discotheque, your best option in Jinja is Viewers Nite Club, located on Lubas Road. Aware of that fact, the hangout, that finally got a facelift is rebranding all its theme nights to suit their new image.

Last Friday saw the hangout host its patrons to the launch of “Fresh Fridays”, their rebranded Friday night. For the launch, singer Spice Diana performed to an already energized crowd that had started coming in as early as 8:30pm.

After a curtain raising act from rapper 1Rail, Spice Diana stepped on stage at exactly 1pm and took her fans and patrons through a 48-minute performance of a couple of her hit songs that included her 2018 ‘fire extinguisher’ Thirty Two, Anti Kale, Onsanula, Nasimatuka Ex and her recent Bwebityo and Twebereremu among others.

From then on, the club’s resident deejays Nicey, Street 5, Emma and Dan K took the crowd on a roller coast ride of popular club bangers and popular hits.

Before the artist performances, Viewers Nite Club announced some of the new twists that had been added to the Friday Nights.


“We’re thankful that all these people turned up, they could have been elsewhere. Tonight, we’re introducing Fresh Fridays as a new theme night. We’re looking to attract back our patrons who’d left when we embarked on renovation and also give something fresh to the patrons who’ve stayed with us. The changes will be in the music policy where we want to bring back Old Skool and throwbacks before peak hours, and an incentive for those who come in early… we’re talking the longest happy hour on Friday,” said Ian KIryowa, the club publicist.

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“For the First Friday of the month, we will be having the corporate edition of the Fresh Friday and every last Fresh Friday of the month, we will be partying with a top artiste. We have also rebranded our Campus night and we’ll be letting you know the new twists about that in due time,” he added.

By the turn up last Friday, Spice Diana’s performance and the audience response, it is comfortable to say the launch was a successful affair.

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