#SkizarWraps2019: The most underrated songs in 2019 and what to expect in 2020

Happy New Year. I wish you a ballistic ride. If you failed to meet your 2019 resolutions, be thankful that you are still alive to keep pursuing your dreams; as long as you don’t stop walking. Keep fighting on until you achieve your dreams for a good life.

Well, all radio and television stations, newspapers, websites/blogs, and opinion leaders et al have already shared their best songs of 2019. Here is what Skizar published. One thing these platforms often forget is that industry politics and financial challenges affect some great songs. Remember the status quo dictates that you must have a promotion budget for your song, lest you will have to trash your breakthrough dreams in Uganda.

2019 gave us some amazing songs that never really took off. This, in effect, wholly affects the arts industry. Fans are cheated as they are not able to listen to good music. Below, I present you my top 5 underrated songs in 2019.

1. Tuli Kuki – Latinum

In my circles are people who say Latinum has zero lyrical content! I find it kind of disrespectful and pretentious. They forget that it is that ‘zero lyrical content’ that gave him his 2016 breakthrough with Amanya Gange.

When you listen to Tuli Kuki, beat-maker T.O.N. crafted some crazy beats. T.O.N. understands Latinum because he discovered him; they are like twins. Let’s hypothetically say Latinum has ‘zero lyrical content’, we need to agree that the production of Tuli Kuki is a little way above Ugandan standards. I was shocked that it never really took off. It only played around bars in Kampala and ended there.

2. Buju Wa Zaddy – VIP Jemo

After parting ways with Ticha Ticha and signing up with Karma Ivan, VIP Jemo, I must say, enjoyed a year of serious business. The fact that Karma Ivan is out to prove to the public that he can make another artiste after Fik Fameica worked in favour of VIP Jemo.

To many, VIP Jemo is a replica of Fik Fameica when it comes to lyrics and style. From where I stand, we all have people who inspire us; no guns should be turned on VIP Jemo. Tell me you don’t feel the Buju Wa Zaddy heavy kicks that didn’t get enough airplay.

3. Come By – Dax Vibes

This is one really good song that didn’t get the attention it deserved. Come By is that kind of song that you will fall in love with instantly. Its performance and production were done perfectly, at least by me. Spare some time and check it out.

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In case you don’t know, Dax Vibes is a brother to the Member of Parliament representing Kyaddondo East constituency Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu a.k.a. Bobi Wine.

4. Time Yo – Dr Bitone

Politics aside, Time Yo talks about how you should effectively use your prime time before someone else comes along and takes over. The song is an inspirational and timeless piece that will still relevantly talk to you 20 years from now.

Looking at the technical bits, the mastering was epic. You can hear and feel all the song’s instruments independently unlike most Ugandan songs. For those who know, find some good professional studio headphones and listen to Time Yo; you will not regret your time.

5. Wekole Byonna – Brian Weiyz ft. Fille

Brian Weiyz has come a long way musically. Him signing with Andy Events gave him the boost he needed. Wekole Byonna is a beautiful love ballad that didn’t really cross the boarders of Kampala to other districts.

When you listen to the song, you feel the maturity Brian Weiyz has achieved. Fille, on the other hand, never disappoints; the reason she is known as ‘Miss No Bad Music’. Wekole Byonna is definitely worth your time.

Now what does 2020 has in store for us, the music fans?

If you have been keen, you will remember and know that for the last couple of years, the music industry in Uganda is blessed with a new artiste(s) each year. 2019 gave us John Blaq so the question is who will breakthrough this year?

John Blaq (GOSSIP247)
  1. I personally think VIP Jemo is most likely to be the biggest breakthrough artiste this year. Sima is so far his biggest song and I don’t think for a minute that Karma Ivan will take chances and become complacent.
  2. I anticipate more music projects from Brian Weiyz. Andy Events is hungry for success after parting ways with B2C Soldiers.
  3. I expect Swangz Avenue to be more aggressive with Vinka. 2019 was a year to prove to Ugandans that Vinka is indeed an artiste out to claim a seat at the table.

Those are my three predictions for this year. Until then, I wish you a ballistic 2020 as we continue to build this industry brick by brick.

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