#SkizarWraps2019: The 50 hottest Ugandan songs of the year in Jinja

On Saturday, March 9, 2019, we introduced a weekly music chart and named it Skizar Weekly Top 10 (#SWT10). It was the first and continues to be the only online music chart in Eastern Uganda. This chart, compiled by Alfa Tymz, was intended to focus on the 10 hottest Uganda songs on rotation in hangouts and broadcast media in Jinja. On Friday, March 15, 2019, we ran the first weekly chart and continued to do so every week.

After compiling 400 entries this year on 40 weekly charts, Alfa Tymz led the team and we wrapped up 2019’s 50 hottest Ugandan songs in Jinja. The chart looked at songs released this year before December. In essence, videos released in December 2019 didn’t qualify for this year’s music wrap up.

Below, we dissect bits of the list that was posted on the website and on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter platforms.

‘Gutujja’ the #1 song

Rema and B2C’s ‘Gutujja’ has been trending ever since it’s release on 28th April 2019. (Photo Courtesy: B2C/Instagram)

Undeniably, B2C Soldiers and Rema came up with a song that took Uganda by storm. Besides its love-laced DNA, Gutujja was intense and real. The song enjoyed massive airplay in hangouts, radio, television, events, and even in private spaces like homes. The song was so viral that it kept on YouTube trends for quite a long time, if not the longest time.

After soothing souls for months, the song’s oomph later became diluted. It took another intense engagement announcement, that Hamza & Rema romance, for the song to bounce back and enjoy another stretch of airplay. What would be a better song to top this year than this?

‘Parte After Parte’ the party anthem

Big Tril is most definitely a good rapper. His limelight roots from GNL Zamba’s Baboon Forest Entertainment didn’t go to waste a single bit. However, just like other rappers in Uganda, Big Tril wasn’t so much of a big thing; like guys know he’s good but that was just it.

Things changed when Big Tril landed on a 2011 NBS TV interview by Simon Kaggwa Njala. In the interview that was about homosexuality, one of the panelists, Pastor Martin Sempa, made the statement about how Ugandan youths love to “party after party after party…” Big Tril sat down in studio and turned this line into Parte After Parte, the global party anthem now.

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Tanzania’s Chuga Dancers dancing to Parte After Parte.

The song’s biggest springboard was this year’s Nyege Nyege Festival. The song had been released a month back in August and fed right into the Nyege Nyege vibe. Tanzania-based Chuga Dancers gave it some comical choreography and before long, “party after party” was on everyone’s lips.

Artists with the most entries

L-R: Grenade, John Blaq, and Sheebah.

If we are to use this ‘2019 Top 50 Ugandan Songs’ to rate who the biggest Ugandan artist in Jinja is, we will have to consider an artiste with the most song entries on this list. Ladies and gentlemen, the results are in. The hottest Ugandan artists in Jinja are John Blaq, Grenade, and Team No Sleep’s Sheebah.

With 6 entries on the list, African boy John Blaq is undeniably the biggest Uganda artist in Jinja. Ebintu Byo on which he was featured by YKee Benda comes in at #45, Ebyalagirwa at #20, Replace Me collaboration with Sheebah and Grenade at #18, Makanika at #16, Mama Bulamu at #12, and Do Dat at #7.

Grenade and Sheebah each has four entries. Grenade has Olimba at #49, Mpulira Bibyo at #36, Nkuloga at #27, and Replace Me at #18 while Sheebah Enyanda at #29, Onkutudde at #21, Replace Me at #18, and Silwana with Carol Nantongo at #2.

Who is holding the Jinja flag high?

L-R: Shammy K, John Blaq, and Maro.

It is unfortunate that there is no song by a Busoga or Jinja-based musician. It is very unfortunate! After all the “boycott” noise they decided to carelessly throw around, it all seems like the joke was on them.

To lift the Busoga flag musically high this year are three artists. We have John Blaq with 6 entries, Shammy K with Ssuupu at #33, and Maro with Anjagala at #25. These are the biggest Busoga artistes this year.

Visit www.skizar.com and scroll down to the Video section to watch all the 50 hottest Ugandan songs.

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