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‘Skizar Weekly Top 10’ chart compilation criteria


Ever since we introduced a weekly music chart on Skizar, we have received both praises and criticism in equal measure. Whereas some believe the chart is a true representation of Jinja’s music policy, some think it is way off their expectations.

For the critics, the reservations have been on an ‘undefined’ selection criteria for which songs make it to the countdown. Many have continued to look at this as a chart for the entire country.

It is upon that background that we present you with the #SWT10 chart selection criteria.

  1. For any song to feature on #SWT10, it must have a music video. The video must be uploaded and streaming on YouTube.
  2. Secondly, a song to make it to #SWT10 must be on rotation in Jinja. By rotation, the song must be playing on radio, TV, and hangouts. It must also have created some kind of buzz online.
  3. For a song to be #1 for a particular week on #SWT10, it must be the most trending on YouTube. This means if the songs selected for the week are all trending, the most trending song makes it to the #1 song of that week. A case in point, Gutujja by Rema X B2C has been trending for a while. If you look back on #SWT10 for the last 3 weeks, it has maintained the #1 position.
  4. For new entrants on the chart, #10 is that song that drops before Wednesday but must have the highest views on YouTube. In essence, if 5 songs drop before Wednesday and they all fit the selection criteria, the song with the highest views gets on the chart at #10.
  5. In the case that a song drops with a huge promo campaign (it is expected that it will gain instant viewership), it will be treated as a special case BUT cannot be in the Top 5 section, even if among all songs it has the hugest viewership or is trending at #1. If say the Who is Who challenge happened around this time and a face-off or beef alert pushed one artiste into a studio and they dropped a song that fits the #SWT10 selection criteria, that song will be treated as a special case and will debut on the chart but not in the top 5, maybe at #6.
  6. For an artiste who gets into the news and creates a buzz, even when they don’t have a hit song, their latest video gets considered BUT cannot go beyond #7 too. For example, if Geosteady didn’t have a new song, the ‘child-neglect’ scandal would have given his most recent video mileage as everyone in the media would need a reference point to talk about him.
  7. Lastly, for the issue of progression where a song grows from #10 up to #1 or vice versa, the only determinant is the song’s online growth curve.
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This ladies and gentlemen is how we’re able to select and compile #SWT10 every week. It seems an easy process but it isn’t as care and keeping an ear to the ground is a must.

#SWT10 is compiled by Alfa Tymz and runs every Friday at 1400hrs (2pm) East Africa Time.


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