Singer Roya Simba signed to a management team

Roya Simba (L) and his new manager, Joseph Mutaka signing the management contract. (Photo Credit: Skizar)
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Around 2013, “Omugogolo,” a song about love sang in Lusoga became a kind of anthem around Busoga and introduced Sharrif Ibanda a.k.a. Roya Simba as an artist. The 2013 song has seen the artist gain prominence within music circles around the region.

Because of the nature of his trade as an entertainer and the need to better himself as an artiste, Roya Simba has today, 15th May 2018, entered into an arrangement that will see Joseph Mutaka take on his managerial questions.

A couple of reservations have come up questioning Mutaka’s experience in artist management but both Roya Simba and Mutaka have downplayed it and assured the fans to expect the best out of the new marriage.

“Yes, I’m into sports but my administrative and managerial excellence can’t be doubted,” said Mutaka. “At TangoSport, we manage talent and sports-related stuff and an artist shouldn’t be different, more or so if the artist is Roya Simba who is talented and focused,” he added.

In reechoing Mutaka’s response, Roya Simba cited the example of a woman getting into a new marriage. “If I am to marry a woman, do I have to worry about her previously being married to a Mukiga? No. We have an arrangement and we intend to make it work. Have faith and support us.”

At the presser that was held at Jinja City Hotel, an initial one-year contract was signed and according to details shared, Mutaka will handle Roya Simba’s finances, bookings and everything that concerns his music career and Roya Simba will have to do good music.

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Roya Simba won Song of the Year for his ‘Miwuudu’ at last year’s Kikompola Music Awards though lost the Male Artist of the Year and Artiste of the Year nominations to Park U and Afande Kadabada respectively.

Unlike most arrangements that have one as the other’s boss, this is more of a partnership to share resources that each party brings to the table. We wait to see the fruits of the new marriage.

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