SHOCKING!!! Swengere Family members running broke as bosses ignore them!

Hussein 'Swengere' Muyonjo and Peter 'Rio Alton' Kasolo. (Photo Credit: Kasolo/Facebook)

Unconfirmed but not-so-good news coming in from Swengere Family is that things are not as rosy as has been portrayed to their fans and public. Inside sources intimated to our scoops that it has been ‘extremely dry’ in their area even when it is raining elsewhere.

Barely two weeks back, Hussein Muyonjo and Rio Alton Kasolo a.k.a. Swengere and Kasolo, respectively, were seen sharing a boda-boda ride on more than four occasions; something that seemed odd given their earlier consistent outlook.

Patrick ‘Pato’ Kwezi

Managed by Patrick “Pato” Kwezi, under the now popular Swengere Family, the two lads, Swengere and Kasolo patronized most of the nightspots in town and made it a point to cause inflation during every bar session leaving many heads turning at their partying style.

“You see, those guys are at their most creative when in such situations (bars and partying) so it was never a problem for them but it painted a picture that they couldn’t sustain,” said our inside source. “Right now, so many things are happening and it is becoming hard by the day to sustain their lifestyle.”

That the comedy outfit has won a couple of awards here and there, that they enjoy special recognition in Busoga Kingdom circles, that they work for the now Jinja East Member of Parliament Paul Mwiru and that their promoter Kenny Muwumba is a young, loaded and generous fellow would be an automatic ticket out of ‘this situation’ but it isn’t!

“Artistes need to move away from dependence… Mukolelere obulambo bwamwe!”

Back then, about two years ago, the duo owned a Toyota Noah (how they acquired it is a story for anther day) which broke down almost thrice a week, that is if it hadn’t run out of fuel. It was funny seeing them pushing the car and calling on passers by to help them push to the next fuel station and it always seemed like they were shooting skits for their Swengere clips for Bukedde TV.

Host Sounds boss and Swengere Family Promoter Kenny Muwumba

At the beginning of last year, in came Host Sounds’ Kenny Muwumba who agreed to a talent promotion arrangement with the comedy outfit. As part of his package, though undocumented, he offered Swengere and Kasolo access to his cars that include a Toyota Alex, Toyota Vitz and a Toyota Landcruiser but we learned that he has since repossessed the cars with strict restraining orders against the duo.

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“All Ken’s cars have Host Sounds stickers and it was always embarrassing for him to hear stories of his cars running out of fuel in town. It painted a bad picture about him and his brand. He one time had to personally go and pick up the Landcruiser from Kakira when it ran out of fuel while in Kasolo’s possession. Ever since then, he doesn’t want any one of them touching his cars,” added our inside source.

It is not a crime to not have money, own a car, use boda-boda or cut off on bar time. Why this makes this story worthwhile is that Kasolo, according to a couple of sources, has made it a point, while on his radio show on Busoga One 90.6FM, to stress financial independence in a mocking way. Talk of not practicing what you preach!

Jinja East Legislator and 90.6 Busoga One FM boss, Paul Mwiru

“Kasolo is some interesting guy! If you listen to his show, you must be familiar with him telling people in a way of ‘kubalangira’ that they should build and own houses and property such as cars,” said our source. “I actually thought he owned anything tangible but seeing him these days in town moving like he’s hiding from someone just showed he doesn’t,” our source added.

Rio Alton Kasolo, besides his fruitful time as the Busoga One 90.6FM Programmes Director, we are reliably told, owns his own house and is no longer a tenant. Prayers, according to the few people we spoke to on condition of anonymity, should be directed to him acquiring his own means of transport that befits his status in society and gives him rights to mock tenants.

Artistes really need to move away from dependence on their management teams to provide for their everything besides their talent placement and look at investing in personal business ventures. Mukolelere obulambo bwamwe!

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