SHOCKING!!! Singer Napoleon could be running bonkers!

Innocent 'Napoleone' Asiimwe. (Photo Credit: Donald Kirya)
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It’s so shocking but it is very likely that Napoleon, he of the “More Money” fame could be on the verge of being announced mad! The sight of him yesterday morning in a soiled black long-sleeved t-shirt and dirty blue jean pants, hurling insults to whoever walked past him clearly pointed to a person who has lost their mental faculties.

As early s 8am, Napoleon, born Innocent Asiimwe, was seen roaming the streets of Jinja town with the swagger of one who is mad. He didn’t have his usual alcohol stagger and seemed sober but his actions were the real concern.

Napoleon disturbing the peace of Boda Boda cyclists at the Biashara Supermarket stage. (Photo Credit: Donald Kirya)

“He has been standing in different parts of town for hours insulting whoever walks past him. He has been standing here (Jinja Central Police Station vicinity) for about an hour now and he’s insulting everyone who passes by. He’s gone mad,” said a boda-boda cyclist who operates from the stage at Biashara Supermarket, right opposite the Jinja CPS.

This could stem from very many things but it is a public secret that the amount of drugs in Napoleon’s system is extremely high and could be the trigger. That Napoleon is on drugs, has no job and no musical projects to talk of could be what drove the depression to sky levels.

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It should be remembered that Napoleon shone at a time before Uganda’s self proclaimed ‘Big 3’; Jose Chameleone, Bebe Cool and Bobi Wine. He enjoyed the success of his runaway hit, More Money and that’s a time the beginning of the end started. The song was redone in 2015 by Park U and Napoleon only featured in the video.

In 2004, it was reported that Napoleon had given his life to Christ at a Church service in Busia Town but it seems he backslid at some point or it was another of those artist PR stunts.

Our prayer here is that Napoleon gets the right medication and gets better.

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