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SHOCKING: Lubowa Kyemba is not as strong in love as he claims

There’s a Luganda saying that omuganga teyaganga which translates to mean that a healer can not heal themselves. This turns out to be the situation in most aspects of life Including love; a love doctor doesn’t necessarily have a rosy love life.

On his Sunday Guide show today, Lubowa Kyemba made a revelation as he went about his show counseling lovers. A male listener had called in and wanted to make amends in his love life for which Lubowa had to call the lady. The lady played coy and seemed unwilling to play along let alone forgive the man she claimed knew his mistakes and also knew that she wasn’t coming back.

Lubowa Kyemba tried to counsel the man and in his counsel, he made the revelation… “Ebya love bizibu nyo! Nze neggalirako mu kisenge nenkaba lwa love…” translated to “Matters of love are complicated. I for one have once locked myself in a room and cried, all in the name of love”.

Lubowa Kyemba is a known arrogant who doesn’t mince words about anything. He will speak his mind and will do so in the strongest of terms that you will trash your response. That he has been a victim of bad love is not the issue but rather that he has been affected to the extent of breaking down. For sure ebya love bizibu!

Lubowa’s known love details left us at the episode where he had broken up with his wife, sister to embattled Jinja East Member of Parliament, Nathan Igeme Nabeta, also owner of NBS 89.4FM, 89 Smart FM, KoTV and Ci-Sand Suites. In the same episode, Lubowa was then rumored to have dated several city babes mainly in media circles. As we look forward to a new season, the rumor mill was rife that Lubowa was in late August secretly introduced by a fiancée we have not yet established. This is pure kamunguluze!


Sunday Guide is a love show on Nizam Road based 89.4 NBS FM that airs every Sunday from 10am to 1pm. In the show, Lubowa plays love doctor and mends broken hearts, counsels and offers advice on love.

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