RUMOR HAS IT! Bahati allegedly pulls the plug on relationship with baby daddy

Bahati Pascaline Muhirwe

Rumor has it mbu the former Your Choice host on 89 Smart FM and Seleebu Wo host on BBS Telefayina, Bahati Pascaline recently walked out of her marital home. Our source intimates that it has been trouble in paradise for the couple and that Bahati moved on and is now moving out with someone else.

We couldn’t independently verify this as we failed to get Henry Kakooza’s number while Bahati’s known numbers went unanswered for the best part of the weekend.

“The last months have been really bad for them. Hatie (Bahati) curses the last part of 2017. Henry always messed up and apologized but kept on doing the same things that pissed her off,” said our source who preferred anonymity. “She tried being submissive, bought him gifts, supported him but all in vain. Hatie once in a while invited priests to offer them spiritual guidance and prayer but all that failed to work on Henry,” added our source.

“…decided to give chance to someone, a South African based musama”

On her Facebook timeline, Bahati paints a picture of a happily married woman with a happy family which makes it hard to believe these rumors. She’s always sharing photos of her girls, herself, she once in a while throws in a photo of her and Henry… kwegamba it looks a really happy family. What could have gone wrong?

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Her inner circle is tight-lipped about the whole situation but our source who seemed unusally mad about everything volunteered more juice.

Henry and Bahati sharing an intimate moment

“There’s a weekend Hatie returned home unexpectedly. She found a chic in the living room with Henry. I’m not sure whether they were in a funny situation but we were later told Henry in what seemed like shock fumbled with words that didn’t make sense to Hatie and that’s how she walked away. I haven’t seen her here since then,” said our source.

Lately, Bahati has been on some kind of roller-coaster ride going out to different places. She has been on some kind of spending spree and all we thought was that she had landed a new TV role somewhere kumbe!

Rumor has it that the curvaceous beauty, after all the drama in her household, decided to give chance to someone, a South African based musama, who mbu had been on her neck and in her inbox for the last two years! Thamy did it. Zari did it. Dorothy Shonga did it. And now Bahati has also did it!!!