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When Queens Palace set up shop 3 years back, not many people thought much about the hangout. Some hangout owners actually gave them one year to be out of business. That was of course rude but if you know Jinja well, that wasn’t a surprise. People here are extremely unsupportive of each other. Three years down the road and the place is gaining popularity by the day. Late last year, a new addition was made to the bar; a VIP lounge and as we write this, forgive us but we have to be honest, the lounge is not what many of you think or are told. It is not cheap and downtown. It is simply on point compared to the places that you patronize with the aim of showing off, it is much better.

Queens Palace has its origins in the Eastern border town of Malaba.Malaba is home to the original Queens Palace. When the owners of the bar expanded their clearing and forwarding business to Jinja, they decided to create another Queens Palace in Jinja. From both environments, the bars (both in Malaba and Jinja) have a policy of not turning away any person who wants to have a good time. They actually make it a point to entertain whoever walks into their establishments. It is no wonder why the juakalis found a safe haven in Queens Palace.

A problem arose when the big spenders who had gotten bored by the Jinja night scene wanted to try out something new. They walked into Queens Palace, which many now prefer to call QP, and just couldn’t stand the rowdiness of the juakalis. They tried fitting into the arrangement but it didn’t work for them. The things that kept them there were the hot and outgoing waitresses, the music, the video mixing, and the fact that they could watch their soccer from 8 screens strategically fitted around the bar but there experience as big spenders was being suppressed.

This of course they enjoyed as they rubbed shoulders with guys that had danced from 7pm, all sweaty and high. They talked to the owner who had made it a point to interact with whoever came his way. Last year, the prayer of the big spenders was answered when a VIP lounge was created for them. They have had fun here and for the biggest number of the VIP patrons, this has become home. They make it a point to show up every single day they are in town.

The lounge…

Just like most VIP lounges, this one too is a small one with a capacity of about 100. Its small space is augmented by the luminous lighting that draws your attention to the tiniest bit of the lounge. The person that did the interior design on this had a fine finishing touch to everything. The lighting first takes your eyes to the rough walls that were smoothened by a black and gold combination of oil paint. The way the painting was done just leaves you in awe.

The three picture frames in the lounge are large enough to clearly show you’re an artist’s impression of a cozy entertaining setting. You cannot miss these pieces unless you do not value comfort. As you look at the art pieces, you cannot help but move your eyes up to the ceiling. There is nothing so wow about the ceiling but the finishing to it is an exhibition of true workmanship.

Around the lounge are small bar stools neatly set around small round bar tables on one side. On the other side are low sitting chairs around square tables. You basically have a sitting arrangement of four per table. Back then when they had just opened up this lounge, there were comfy sofas but I guess they chewed up a lot of space so they had to be switched with smaller comfy options.

From the comfort of your table, you company doesn’t have to make trips to the counter every now and then to get a refill. That wouldn’t be a VIP lounge, right? Okay, maybe it happens in the VIP areas where you hangout but that isn’t VIP, take it from us. There are four cute girls that will see to your comfort while here. You might even get more than you bargained for but that is part of the bargain; make you extremely comfy. They smile every now and then you might think they do not have problems. When you lift up you glass or bottle more than five times, the one attending to you will come and wipe your table of any spilled drink or speck.

“Sitting there and looking at her do all this seamlessly just gets you even more attracted to her and chances are high you will get tempted to start those stories of yours…”

When you drop something down, say a bottle top or straw sheath, there is a guy who will come and clean up your mess. The idea is that when you stand up to leave, the guys after you have to come and sit at a table that is devoid of evidence that someone was there. You get your drink on time and just the way you like it. I looked around and wondered how these girls manage to keep track of whoever they serve. It’s once in a while that they mess up an order but they are on point most of the time.

If you prefer to sit at the counter, chances are you will sit there for close to 5 hours without realizing. The girl behind the counter is someone worth keeping your eyes glued too. She is some pretty young thing and has good command of her post. She works on the orders of the other waitresses and also makes sure all the guys at the counter are in okay. You cannot go wrong if you ask for any kind of drink; the bar is well stocked. Sitting there and looking at her do all this seamlessly just gets you even more attracted to her and chances are high you will get tempted to start those stories of yours.

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As all this is going on, your ears are being worked by some catchy tunes blaring from the sound system. The sound is clear and just loud enough to get you up on your feet. The DJs are good at reading their patrons. On a good day, you will find them playing Old Skool and everyone will be up. On another day, you will find them playing popular dancehall and still everyone will be up. Just the other day, we hit the spot and hip hop and crunk were cranking people up! What best way can you describe such guys? You basically get served the way the mood determines.

And as you get all jiggy and cranky, it is natural that you will drop a sweat or two. The space is small and active but the two large air conditioning units have you covered on this. We used to wonder why the people that hit clubs had reduced but we got our answer here. If you can get all this kind of experience in one spot without paying at the entrance, why would you want to go and pay somewhere else? Guys have turned the lounge into a plub (pub and club).

By the time you walk out of the place to go home, you will have one or two things on your mind but one of them will be to check out the place Neera Neera.


Queen's Palace is located in the middle of town and is easily accessible from any part of town. Service in the VIP Lounge is at it's best and will leave you in awe. The music is great and their beer and food prices are very reasonable.

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