REVIEW: ‘Kanyama’ by Maro, another groovy RnB lovey-dove song


First off, Maro is making up for a dormant 2016! I mean, he just won the Best RnB Song award at the controversial HiPipo Music Awards for his collaboration with songstress Iryn Namubiru, Addicted, he recently released Idha Obone (Come and See), a song he did with Shane Palko, and days later, Maro drops Kanyama!

Still riding on his self proclaimed title of RnB Kyabazinga, Maro seems to be on the road to owning a piece of 2017. Ronald Magada, better known by his stage moniker Maro isn’t seated one bit. The lanky dread-locked boy is visibly working night and day.

Produced by Nessim at Volume Up Records, Kanyama is the 4th single out of 5 released off the 17-track Atwooki album. So far, Maro has released Natereza (ft King Saha), Atwooki, Nzira Nago, Freestyle, and now Kanyama. Kanyama is loose Luganda to mean something strong and was given a lovey twist to refer to a partner who’s been tested by situations yet still stands with you. It’s a song calling on you to take things to another level with them. Make a commitment.

“Do not get it twisted though; it’s a good song to listen to and dance to…”

Kanyama follows in the footsteps of the 2011 hit, Biweewo produced by SouthSide Music which I must admit was a success for the boy from Buwenge. The laid back instrumentation gives for a clearer indulgence with the lyrics on both songs. You can’t easily appreciate the vocal capabilities but you must admit Maro blended well on these two songs.


Kanyama unfortunately just lacks something, it doesn’t live up to the “RnB Kyabazinga” title Maro accorded himself. There’s a missing link in the standards set by Maro that you can’t really place the song. It would be foolhardy to blame the production, the composer, or even the performer of the song but… the song lacks that Maro oomph; it almost sounds forced.

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Do not get it twisted though; it’s a good song to listen to and dance to. Listen to it here.

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I must mention that this a great song but lacks something I can't really figure out. I miss the Maro oomph on this one. The production is great, the concept is good, the way Maro delivers his message is good.... simanyi but it's a worthy listen

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