REVIEW: In love with The Mansion Hotel but…

“Tucked away in a quiet residential area with a courtyard garden and pool, The Mansion Hotel Jinja offers exquisite luxury accommodation in a serene environment in the calm lakeside town of Jinja. With well-appointed refurbished rooms, The Mansion is situated in one of Jinja’s most prestigious neighborhoods, enjoying close proximity to Bujagali Falls, the Jinja Golf Course and the Source of the Nile.”

For guests whose first point of contact are online platforms, the opening marketing statement on The Mansion Hotel’s website would sell the place surely; make anyone jump to it and pay a visit to the hotel. Their website is decently set with pictures of unimaginable cuisines, serene and clean environment. The rates per night might scare those earning locally but seemingly, they are fair against the competition with a Standard Room going for $70 and Deluxe at $80. All sounds inviting and worthwhile until one visits to test the waters.

Starting from $60, you can make a booking to stay at The Mansion .

Formerly known as Timtom Hotel, The Mansion Hotel is serene, well-lit and accentuated with proper-themed décor to match the African environment. The hotel gives off a sense of tranquility and privacy. The pool area is to die for, according to the standards of the town. The pool’s crystal-blue waters and poolside tables almost take you to a tropical island setting with all desires met. That’s positive.

The pool area is one of The Mansion’s positives.

On the downside, given that the hotel is set in a residential area on Jackson Crescent, you’re bound to get a few complaints about noise and a few unexpected visitors (snakes, Columbus “the monkey “) making their patrols as the area is known for its unexpected visitors.

The rooms are not so dubbed as ‘to die for’. A fairly traveled person is bound to have seen and been to better. The furniture feels tacky with most of the rooms donning mid-standard features. You’d be excused for thinking they (The Mansion Hotel) are not even trying to compete and believe that they were established.

Just like many businesses in Uganda, The Mansion Hotel’s customer service leaves a lot to be desired. The day I was here, the waitress felt as though they were being pushed. I noticed they were selective of the guests and many times delayed to attend to guests. That was not so appealing. The menu needs a serious revamp as soon as yesterday.

The lobby gives off a good first impression; from the attention you get to the relaxation you slide into.

My final flip on The Mansion Hotel is that if you want to relax and be close to the hive of things in Jinja, then this would be ideal and costeffective. Do not expect to get what you see on websites; they can mislead at times.


I give the place a '3.6 Star' on the basis that it did not really move me; the vibe did not get to me. It just felt 'normal'.

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