REVIEW: Igar Café, cool eatery with great aeration and good coffee

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Located on the Jinja Main Street, you could easily mistake Igar Café for an expatriate eatery with hardly any trace of your ordinary folks across the entire expanse the café is. As you walk in and before your subconscious registers that, a seemingly coy and neatly dressed waitress welcomes you. I’m not good at Languages so its foolhardy for me to assume the lingual capabilities of these waitresses but I want to assume they can effortlessly cater for your café needs here. I’ve been served in this place by 8 out of 10 waitresses and we didn’t fail to communicate one single day.

The first time I walked in here, my feeling was that this was one of those places in Jinja where people just go to show off! You know the kind of place where you don’t have to eavesdrop but are treated to conversations from as far way as two tables and guys are talking of “States’ (USA), iPhones, US Dollars, the spa chic, issues with a Mercedes Benz and all that maalo jazz! Its irritating but that’s what some people do to fit in. Igar is different.

The clientele here spans from town movers and shakers in politics, administration, and business, you have your ordinary dating couple coming in for lunch, dinner or simply time out, you have your ordinary campusers meeting here to catch up on group discussions, you have the random dude or chic that will sit alone at a table and give themselves a treat; it’s the usual good-place clientele. But do not be fast to think they have your local food, hell no!

Igar has a finger licking offering of fast foods. Think of burgers, sandwiches, pizza, and the usual fries and the usual accompaniments (chicken, goat’s meat and liver). For the fast food junkies, you cannot get disappointed here. And to water down your meal, the assortment of soft drinks includes freshly pressed juices, tea, and coffees. Do not ask for alcohol.

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I haven’t yet had the desire to talk to the chef but he might need some Chotara advice on that Pilau; they get it wrong all the time unless of course you’re not keen on such signature foods. One time its too dry and the other time its too wet, the side sauce is always the wrong one; watery and plain.

With comfy seating, Igar from inception seems to have been intended to let you have your meal in the most relaxing way possible. It might explain why there is nothing like music (soft or loud) or a TV screen; its about the dining experience. The place has those French windows and they are always drawn, you don’t not need an AC in here. As you wait for your order, or as your sip on your drink, there’s Wi-Fi to connect to and chat up as you dine at this Somali owned establishment.

The biggest plus however is that you do not have to rush out of your meal to go shopping or get some medication for an ailment you could have picked. There’s a Pharmacy shop and Supermarket on the same building and they all run under the same name; Igar. So you can dine at Igar Café, get your meds at Igar Pharmacy and shop for the family or yourself at Igar Supermarket.

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