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Retail shopping and business stocking made easy with ‘Kikuubo Online’

You’ve heard of Kikuubo in downtown Kampala, right? If you have not, Kikuubo is that stretch where you will get products for both retail and wholesale at relatively cheap rates. It is actually the go-to place for many shops, supermarkets, retailers and wholesale businesses when in need of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) like household items for the kitchen, toiletries, scholastic materials, clothes and many more.

With the price-convenience that Kikuubo offers also comes inconveniences that are not only limited to bad weather (how do you do shopping in this weather?) but others like closing off business to go stock-shopping, bad and heavy traffic, combing different shops to get the right orders, and many others.

In the face of digital advancements, Kikuubo Online is here to solve some, if not all, challenges left unanswered by the Kikuubo matrix. Kikuubo Online is a comprehensive online wholesale and retail shopping app available on Android’s Play Store which among other benefits gives you the ability and convenience to do shopping whenever and from wherever you are using your smartphone.

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Apart from the shopping ability to shop online and browse through 2000+ items, Kikuubo Online offers really competitive prices and delivery to your doorstep within 24hrs of placing your order at no extra cost. At the moment, delivery is within the central business district (Kampala), its suburbs and surrounding areas, and Wakiso with plans to scale up operations across the country.

A Kikuubo Online user’s order being loaded into a delivery truck.

Amina, a user of Kikuubo Online, has retail shops around Kampala and seems content with the app. “I have four businesses in Kansanga, Wandegeya, Nansana, and Kulambiro. It is a nightmare every time I have to restock them. The money, energy, and coordination I have to invest wears me out,” says Amina. “With this app (Kikuubo Online), I’m able to restock all four businesses from one place, pay using MoMo Pay, and can rest assured the stock will be delivered without any issues,” adds a satisfied Amina.


Amina is a satisfied Kikuubo Online user.

Think of Kikuubo Online as your perfect solution if you have to shop for business, home, events, parties, and may other needs without the tiring process of running up and down.

Get the app here >> Kikuubo Online

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