QPMalaba@8: Queen’s Palace girls erectrocute Tororo and Malaba

Erectrocuting Tororo main market area
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For any event, a couple of methods are employed to advertise and draw awareness about the event. Among those methods is what has now come to be known as a “drive” where a sound system is loaded on an open-roof truck and music blared out as the truck moves around. Skaters and dancers are most of the time part of the affair.

For the Queen’s Palace Malaba 8th Anniversary, the event team led by Sula Muwanguzi decided to use his very own sexy and free-spirited waitresses. The girls had been in anticipation since morning to be a part of the drive that was supposed to go through neighboring Tororo town and Malaba. It was a relief for them when their boss, Sula, gave them the green light to join the drive.

With every stop at a busy trading center, the girls who were riding on boda-boda motor bikes would jump off and engage in some kind of dance formation to mainly two songs, “Kakima” and “Kutama” all by fast rising star, Fik Fameika. This surely did the magic as crowds formed around them.

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How to dance to “Kakima” and “Kutama” the Malaba way…

As this free show went on, the MCs, DJ/MC Jax and Junior Batman made mention about the event later that night at Queen’s Palace Malaba. They did this as they also cheered on the girls. It is no wonder that Queen’s Palace filled up that night. It is very probable the some men came looking for these girls besides the show that had self-proclaimed Ghetto President and Gladiator, Bobi Wine and Fik Fameika.

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