Gospel artiste Samie Smilz comes of age

Gospel artiste, Samuel 'Samie Smilz' Abinsinguza
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Samuel Abinsinguza alias Samie Smilz came to the music scene in 2016, with his first Album B.O.L.D. Intrigued with the art of song writing and using music to tell the simplicity and profundity of day to day life experiences, he captured the attention of many on social media getting thousands of views on his first video Without Love which was followed by the likes of Addicted, the sensational I Belong, Wampangula and the recently released Master Pieces.

From being in the crowd and hiding behind the scenes, worship leading in church helped him sharpen his art and develop a stage presence. But more importantly uncover his love for God and the passion to serve him through music.

Growing up in a gospel music industry predominantly led by bands like Hillsong, he developed a passion to create a fusion of Western and the African sound explaining why his music crosses boarders easily.

Samie naturally embraced the industry with radio interviews and appearances on TV which led to more awareness of his music. In July 2018, he released his first song on the new album Face To Face showing a new approach to his music while keeping the message solid in his lyrics.

Face To Face was released on 26th of August 2018 and is now available for streaming and download on all the major online stores like iTunes, Spotify, Amazon music and YouTube, also available on CD.

“his commitment is to contribute greatly in expanding the gospel music industry in Uganda, East Africa and the continent…”


Samuel Abinsinguza is a graduate of Makerere University Kampala (MUK) where he received his Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering and is an old boy of Kigezi High School and Rukungiri Modern Primary School in Western Uganda.

“I was actually born and raised in a small village of Bugangari in Rukungiri District in Western Uganda. Growing up from such an environment gave me a chance to learn that creativity was going to be my way of expanding my opportunities,” explained Samie.

“I took interest in music earlier on in high school and started participating in school choirs at that time a singing group called Life Changing Ministries (LCM). It’s there, that l learned how to play guitar and started writing songs that we would then sing in our school fellowship. This period nurtured me and out of it, the name Samie Smilz was birthed because I seemed to keep a warm smile on my face always,” he added.

Samie Smilz is one of 6 Children (4 boys and 2 girls) taking the 5th position. After the release of his second album, he is looking into collaboration with other artists in the game both locally and internationally.

In the next five years, his commitment is to contribute greatly in expanding the gospel music industry in Uganda, East Africa and the continent at large. He is one of the fast-rising artists in the game and if you haven’t checked out his sensational music you should check it out. my pick for you is Mwijje Mwena.

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