PHOTOS: Who let the ‘Kitenge’ out! Hari Patel takes seat at fashion table

Hari Patel (L) with a friend rocking one of his Tengi Styles pieces. (Photo Credit: Hari/Facebook)

Are you looking to add some color to your wardrobe but still stuck with different ideas? Look no further than the new thing in town; Tengi Styles. A brain-child of Hari Patel, the kitenge-inspired creations are here and look very fresh on the streets; we just couldn’t miss them!

It would be foolhardy to look at Jinja as one with a fashion industry let alone look at fashion as a feasible investment yet in the midst of that obscureness, Hari Patel, founder of Tengi Styles, is most definitely making a mark as a fashion designer.

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While the kitenge has historically been a part of African traditions, lately, designers from across the world are using the fabric to create some spectacular and fashionable masterpieces. Hari’s Tengi Styles borrows from the fashion wave as it redefines the fabric with a more modern and urban touch.

The blended collection comprises cross bags, elegant dresses, hemmed shorts and t-shirts, laced jackets and a couple of other outfits as desired.

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