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PHOTOS: When ambiance stole the stage action’s shine at ‘Neon At The Bridge’


When organizing events in Jinja, especially when you need to start early, take it that you will need to sell an experience other than artiste performances. I repeat; invest more in doing a great engaging setup than artistes! It is something I have painfully noticed over events that intend to be daytime events and roll slightly into the night.

The turn up at Neon At The Bridge last Saturday was great given the amount of publicity made in Jinja; efforts seemed to have been in getting a crowd from outside Jinja to descend on Forever Resort for the party, something that can work for or against you.

As early as 2:00PM, revelers started coming in and even when they found the organizers still working on the final touches, they took positions, ordered for drinks and eats, took selfies, and enjoyed the soft music as they watched the organizers work. A security sweep was done at 5pm and this marked the start of the party.

Two hours into the action and the stage seemed to be the only lifeless bit around. The lighting was on point, the seats setup that had playing cards engaged revelers, games that included Beer Pong, Jenga and Foosball also provided for fun and entertainment, the Uganda Breweries Limited drink offerings was in good supply and delivery, the greenery and breeze from the river provided for a great relief… kwegamba it was all good BUT the music seemed to be on defiance!

It turned out it was a power problem and a fix was being made. Indeed, the power was soon fixed at about 9:00PM and the stage ‘got some life’ on it. DJ Sesse soon had everyone up and dancing; his EDM set was engaging as almost everyone moved a limb or two. The mood for some stage action had been set.


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94.8 XF-M’s Maritza was the host of the night and she led us straight into a fashion showcase by Evoke Models that featured African prints designed by Mahinda Designs and Vinci Wears, artiste performances that had Bantu Vibes, Evoke Dancers, Noble the Beat Boxer, Isaiah the Composer and Beenie Gunter. The performances had major power and sound interruptions but the artistes stayed and gave their all.

Artistes & Fashion

At the end of the day, Tusker Lite and Evoke had scored highly on a cool urban event setup but failed on the stage offering. The Source of The Nile Bridge lite-up was picturesque and blended in well with the Event ‘neon lighting’ theme and, the décor and setup at Forever Resort, the venue  was cool.

“Neon At The Bridge is a marvelous start to our new season,” said Timothy Bukenya, Evoke’s Creative Director while speaking after the event. “Evoke is going regional for the first time and we are all excited to work with great talented minds all over the country. We are thankful to our partners Tusker Lite and all our friends in business,” he added.

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