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PHOTOS: Watch Queen’s Palace’s Praiz sunbathe at Nile Village; catch some skin!


There are some girls you look at and wouldn’t care if you didn’t catch her the second time; nga she doesn’t inspire anything. Then there are girls you look at and wish that’s how far the World reached; you’ll feel like you’ve seen everything and the best was saved for last for you. You’ll find these girls in places like church, high end parties, boat cruises, and other such places but the bar is the least of those probabilities.

Two weekends back were proof that Queen’s Palace’s Praiz is one of those girls you just don’t want to stop looking at. We caught shots of her in a video shoot clad in a different attire but what caught our attention was the bikini shots. Clad in a blue bikini topped with a sun hat, Praiz held and sipped on her mocktail and effortlessly looked in the lens as snaps were taken and the result is these photos.

This was during a video shoot where her looks, sense of casual style, and playful persona were borrowed. The video shoot was for Sandra Sanjja’s Tell Me which promises to be the first quality 2017 project from artists in Jinja.

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Praiz a.k.a Irene is a waitress in the Queen’s Palace VIP section and thanks to her, the place is full of guys willing to drop their last savings coin on the counter to get service from her, and she willing gets you your drinks order right to the dot. She paces between tables and shuffles through a crowd to do her work but never seems exhausted a bit. Her extremely outgoing persona has made her a darling and confidant of most QP VIP patrons. Praiz is also a small time entrepreneur in the apparel business. She runs a small boutique-like business.


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