PHOTOS: Jinja parties away at ‘Silence on The Nile’ Silent Disco

L-R: Almost Famous DJs' DJ Emma, a reveler (maroon tee), DJ Ja, Skizar's Aldo Moro and Almost Famous DJs' Daniel Okwaput. (Photo Credit: Almost Famous DJs/Play Motions)
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Not that it was the first silent disco in Jinja but last Saturday’s ‘Silence on The Nile’ silent disco got and left everyone talking! Yes, it was that lit! A waterfront hangout, dope deejays, beer from the Nile water and a ready and willing audience is what set the foundation for a lit party.

Jinja Sailing Club, the venue, started receiving revelers as early as 2pm. Well, most of them were simply out to grab lunch and chill but an early setup by Almost Famous DJs got them excited and incited to stay around once they were told there was a silent disco happening.

The real party kicked off at 5pm when the first set of DJs kicked off the affair with Reggae, Old Skool, African jams and Urban jams playing each on one of the four channels. Revelers who had already secured their headphones just slid right into the party and immediately spread word on their soso media!

It was not long before more and more revelers started coming in one by one and in groups. The party had started! Forget the usual Jinja arrangement where a party starts late; this was an instant effect on whoever put on their headphones. From a distance, the headphones’ blue, red, yellow and green neon lights gave off an exciting yet uncoordinated lights dance.

“…the vibes were good and before anyone knew it, an after party was announced!”

To cool down the heat of the moment was not only the cool breeze that has become the defining uniqueness of Jinja Sailing Club but also Nile Breweries LTD’s signature brand, Club Pilsner. Club Pilsner which was going for UGX 4,000 flowed with reckless abundance and it’s no wonder revelers exhausted the beer supply by 2am! Even then, they partied away hoping for a replenishment kumbe wa!

The beauty of any silent disco is that one is in control of what they listen to and at what volumes. This bit will easily make you forget when it’s time to retire, after all, obulamu bwensi bunyuma kiro!

The fun was too much, the turn up was great, the music was on point, the vibes were good and before anyone knew it, an after party was announced! The after party was going to another waterfront hangout; The Bourbon. Oh boy! It was another mashup though the hangout owner chose to keep their usual Sunday music thus some sound interruptions but it didn’t stop Almost Famous DJs from giving their best!

At the end of the weekend, Almost Famous DJs, Club Pilsner, Skizar and other partners had executed the dopest silent disco Jinja has had!

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