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PHOTOS: How it went down at Jinja’s GBG International Women’s Day celebration


It is without doubt that women across the world anticipate the International Women’s Day celebrated annually on March 8th. The world celebration continues to suggest and promise better solutions of dealing with the challenges women face.

Last Friday, Jinja’s Google Business Group invited women to a noble celebration of the International Women’s Day. The event held at Iganga Road based Al-Nisaa Hotel & Spa was to have a chat around using digital tools to thrive especially women’s businesses. The chat engaged women on topics like independence, finances, and personal growth.

The lead discussants who included Margaret Khisa, Sylvia Nakintije, Phiona Nangobi and Ian Kiryowa all echoed the message that women have to move from their comfort zones and embrace current trends that have been tried and tested to better business operations.

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Margaret’s emphasis while speaking to the 100+ attendees was on leadership, Sylvia’s was on personal grooming, sex and relationship, Phiona spoke at length about social media and Ian dwelled on independence and making that first move.

The event had a couple of young women and a cross section of men who have plans or subscribe to using digital tools and ran for a prompt three hours. It was a great move that the organizers also invited young women still in University, that was a big plus.


While winding up the event, Annet Kiconco, the Womenwill lead in the Jinja GBG, promised that there were going to be a couple of more events in the future and thanked AB Computer Solutions’ Bernard Lwigale for the help extended in making the event happen. Bernard is the GBG Jinja lead.

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