Pastor Bugingo’s Salt FM takes over Mandela FM; now broadcasting in Jinja

House of Prayer Ministries International’s Pastor Aloysius Bugingo, also CEO Salt Media Group
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After a long and tedious process of acquiring radio space and frequency to broadcast in Jinja, House of Prayer Ministries International’s Pastor Aloysius Bugingo recently acquired Mandela 98.2FM, formerly owned by NRM strongman, Farouk Kirunda.

The news was disclosed on Thursday, 1st February 2018 by the man of God himself. From inside sources, there might not be recruitment for new staff as Pastor Bugingo’s policy is to use the central station in Kampala to broadcast to the other frequencies under the Salt Media conglomerate.

This new addition to the Salt Media conglomerate now brings the number of Salt Media radios to 5. Kampala broadcasts on 107FM, Mubende on 97.5FM, Mbale on 102.4FM, Mbarara on 95FM and now Jinja broadcasting on 98.2FM. The Salt Media house also has a TV, Salt TV that airs on the Azam and Star Times carriers plus a mobile app, Salt Media App.

“Salt FM broadcasts on 98.2FM…”

According to information obtained by our writers, Salt Media will this year make 4 years after being established on 3rd November 2014. Then broadcasting on 87.7, the radio’s first studio was in Ntinda before moving to their current location in Lubaga. The Mubende 97.5FM frequency went live on air on 6th November 2016, Mbarara 95.0FM on 24th December 2017 then Jinja 98.2Fm on 1st February 2018. The TV went on air sometime in November 2015.

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With Salt FM now in Jinja, the number of known radio stations in Jinja now stands above 10. Salt FM broadcasts on 98.2FM.