Of Kamuli boys wanting Sandra Sanjja’s cookie; Kim Nana joins list

Sandra Sanjja performs at the New Age Fest. (Photo Credit: Skizar)
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Has any of you listened to Spice Diana and Pallaso’s Kona? That song where Spice assures Pallaso she can handle him and Pallaso does the same? For the benefit of those who haven’t, take a look…

Now, word reaching our Gossip desk indicates that the Laga Code Boss, Kim Nana Posydon has his lustful eyes on the bubbly Sandra Sanjja. Mbu the 21yr old Kim Nana has been spotted on numerous occasions ogling the KoTV Akembako host and musician behind songs like Tyamanha and lately Tell Me.

“…he will join the list of Kamuli boys which has SideSoft at the number one spot…”

Kim Nana performs at the Club Dome. (Photo Credit: Skizar)

We are told that Kim Nana was spotted at the New Age Fest at Laftaz trying to hide a hard-on after Sandra’s performance and tantalizing flesh display. Kim Nana who was in the company of his manager, dancer and hangers on we are told attempted to hide the misbehavior in his jean pants but someone was closely watching.

Off stage, Kim Nana walked up to Sandra Sanjja in casual way and first applauded her for the performance on stage. “They first spoke about music and the sound that day and later Kim Nana dropped the bomb on her (Sandra); he asked if he could ‘get some’ from her. Sandra stood dumbfounded for about a minute or two trying to make sense of the question. She didn’t say anything”

When you bring private things into the public glare, we follow closely and trust us, the day the cookie goes down, we shall keep you posted on the where, how, when, why, and all those other questions.

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Kim Nana is a new and upcoming dancehall artiste who hails from Kamuli. He recently got himself a promoter in Derrick Kirunda who has taken him places and exposed him to the game. If Kim Nana does get some from Sandra, he will join the list of Kamuli boys which has SideSoft at the number one spot. SideSoft, born Saidi Kitimbo, also hails from Kamuli.

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