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Not anything goes; here are the 5 most relevant Uganda websites for your music


Aloha! It is yet another Friday and the weekend starts here. Remember, the Africa Cup of Nations kicks off tonight and our boys, the Uganda Cranes, will be in action playing tomorrow against D.R. Congo at 5:00pm prompt. You already know the drill; fill up all hangouts screening the game and show some love to the boys repping the Uganda flag.

Going back to business, let’s focus on a rather simple yet complicated subject that many artistes in Uganda have failed to understand; I’m still at crossroads on whether this is by choice or force! It is very important and paramount that your fans can easily access your music onine and not only wait for it to be played on radio and television.

Figure this; you ‘sacrifice’ your hard-earned monies and hand them over to Sidesoft for audio production, then walk to Grate Make’s Pest and hand him more of your hard-earned monies for the video production, and when all that is done, you will now start posting on your socials (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and WhatsApp) about your new song. Funny thing is that when a person tries searching for it, they’ll find it on YouTube, moreover on a channel that belongs to some promoter you didn’t even contact! Pathetic, right? Yeah.

For this particular edition, I will not focus on the big-league-artistes who have audiences outside the country but rather the budding artiste who has not even crossed to the Kampala audience. Here, ladies and gentlemen, are the most important Ugandan music websites on which your music must appear:

NOTE: Before you even think of sharing your music with friends, family, and in-laws, you must submit your music for Digital Distribution (i.e. Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, Shazam, YouTube et al). Most of the platforms require an upfront payment and an annual fee to keep your music active, but there’s a platform called RouteNote that doesn’t need all that; It is totally free. Click >HERE< to sign up. After you have done that, it’s now time to also distribute your music to the Ugandan Platforms.


  1. Howwe: This platform started as a small thing back then but it is currently the biggest music platform in Uganda. Make sure your music is on Howwe and you will surely get some awareness for your song.
  2. UG Ziki: According to ‘corridor information’, after the initial owners of Howwe sold off, they couldn’t stay away from the business. They used the money from the sale and built another site, UG Ziki, which I can comfortably say is the second biggest music website we have in Uganda.
  3. Mdundo: Based in Kenya, this is one of the biggest music platforms we have in East Africa. The beauty with Mdundo is that they actually pay for ‘Streams & Downloads’ unlike the sites we have in Uganda. So, think of opening up an account on Mdundo.
  4. Mp3Jaja and DJ Erycom: The reason I have put these two together is because as much as they have big audiences, the downside is they will retouch your music and add their audio watermark. In this case, you’re actually promoting their site and pushing more traffic to them for exactly Zero shillings! With their audio watermark, Club DJs and Radio & TV hosts are running away from downloading from these two sites. Nevertheless, it doesn’t hurt to submit your music because you need all the audiences you can get.
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A user browses the Howwe website, currently the biggest online music portal in Uganda. (Photo Courtesy: Skizar)

As a bonus, I’ll throw in Magic 1 HD for you. A sister station to UBC, Magic 1 HD has risen quite fast through the ranks to cement its place in the Uganda music industry as a major player. So, head over to the UBC premises on Nile Avenue in Kampala and ask to see Kalyango.

Kalyango is the gentleman behind the Brand New segment that airs every day from 9 to 10pm. Brand New is watched by many DJs, radio and TV hosts, bloggers, and print media journos looking to identify new music to create conversations about. So, make sure your music is on Brand New.

Alfa Tymz. (Photo Credit: Alfa/Facebook)

Lastly, for the Kampala artistes who want to tap into the Jinja and near-East audience, get in touch with Alfa Tymz. Besides the Skizar Weekly Top 10 that he compiles, his Bang Show on BABA TV has proven quite relevant to even big-league-artistes; they’ll make sure to secure an interview with him whenever in Jinja.

The list can go on and on but let’s hold it up there for today. I’m out until next Friday as we build this industry brick by brick.


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