Nile View Casino; much more than just the name

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At first sight, Nile View Casino comes off as just a shopping plaza; the MTN Service Centre, the Supermarket, and the security detail at the main entrance give off this assumption. It wouldn’t occur to you on your first visit to town that besides the large cutout signage that boldly spells out “Nile View Casino”, there’s’ sign of night life in the big grey tile-faced building until the sun falls and the beautiful array of lights are woken up, and before you know it, you will hear music coming from the first floor.

Located on Lubas Road, two roads down Jinja’s Main Street, Nile View Casino is the ‘second born’ of three discotheques in Jinja. Unknown to many, the building housing Nile View Casino houses a restaurant, a discotheque, a casino, apartments complete with laundry services, a supermarket, and the MTN service center.

On a slow Thursday night, with not so many hangout options at my disposal, I decided to visit this club that I haven’t been to in a while. A walk through the main entrance at the ground level will take you up to the first floor through two security checks; one at the main entrance and one before you take the stairs. The immediate feeling one gets is of “too much of anything…”, the security is just too much but then that’s a good thing given the times we live in.

One of the girls setting up a roulette table

I’m not the type to gamble but for guys that do, the Nile View Casino will give you the most secure environment for your hobby. The girls at your service look good, the guys carry themselves professionally, the crowd is just the right one (I didn’t see any “no-address” types here), and the service at the different tables is just on point. Being the only casino in town, you’d expect complacency but not here. The guys still stick the standards they started off with and maybe get better every other day.

The restaurant area is neat and tidy.

The restaurant is just before you get into the casino but there wasn’t much for me to write about; its just plain and would pass for a sitting area with a bar counter. The place looks clean and neat though.

The scent of attraction though comes from the action as people stream slowly into Viewers Nite Club. Through a thought out narrow chrome barricaded passage, one by one get into the discotheque after paying a cover charge at the small window and getting verified by mean looking bouncers. I always wonder why bouncers have to always look mean, is it part of their training and job description?

You walk into a wide area that is the dance floor and the first thing you see is the bar counter that is a long affair; stretches across the whole wall. The night I was here, the bar was manned by two men and two girls who looked suspiciously new in the place. I met some friends at the counter, so I positioned myself there.

One of the numerous bar counters

I scanned the expansive dance floor and the majority of patrons here were and are chics; thought that I had crushed an all-girl party crossed me. They are simply many and come in all forms you’d like them. The club is well lit club and you’re able to mark out just about anyone and anything.

I ordered for a Guinness and that’s when the music playing hit me. It was peak night-out time and urban dancehall ruled. I moved around and everyone was into the mood, dancing, chatting up someone, or enjoying being here. I walked past the DJ booth, waved to DJ Street5 who was playing, and walked into another section that passes off as a lounge and passage to another section that is smaller than than the dance floor I had walked into but more exclusive. Besides the size, there’s nothing different about it but the crowd was smaller than what I’d left behind.

I’m not good at dancing but I love to see people having a good time with themselves. I saw a group of girls, probably university girls, having a really good time and I sat to enjoy them enjoying themselves. They were nice looking and really good dancers. They got a couple of drink offers from guys. I easily get bored so I soon shifted my attention and walked back to my guys at the counter on the other side. I had to weave my way through dance activity.

My guys had gotten company and had got me four more beers. I sat down to sip on them as I looked around. I saw some small face-offs between girls but it was quickly dealt with by the bouncers who I noticed were strategically positioned and walked around their posts. I called it a night at about 4am and I can’t say I was disappointed at all. I jumped on one of the many boda bikes here and off to my place.

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