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NBS Radio’s Percy Kisaame joins restaurant business


If the word diversifying holds any meaning, then Jinja’s media people have adopted the meaning. First was BABA FM’s Twahir Ddamulira who took over a run-won restaurant on Iganga Road opposite the Coca Cola depot, then came Smart FM’s Cyrus Makaka who is a marketing boss of AB Matra and now recently manages a live music band. It seems everyone is looking for a second means of income other than their over-hyped radio jobs.

Yesterday, we bumped in Percy Kisaame, a sports pundit on NBS 89.4M, on Iganga Road and when we approached to say “Hi”, we realised he was all splattered with paint. On asking, Percy told us he was getting his restaurant ready for opening before the end of August.

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The restaurant is going to be occupied on a space between Chicken Papa and Queen’s Palace. From a brief interview, the restaurant will be called 24/7 Restaurant meaning it will operate 24/7. Percy is elated to be doing this venture and won’t stop telling anyone who cares to listen about it.

The space (circled) on Iganga Road where 24/7 Restaurant will be located. (Photo Credit: Skizar)

The space is spacious and has alot of outside space to sit and we can only wait for the opening which we have been promised to attend. In the meantime, lets us all just watch this space and you never know who gets invited with us


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