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NBS FM’s Lubowa Kyemba rumored to be joining BABA FM as Swengere show ads split NBS staffers

It is still hard for us to entertain this rumor but it is persistently being placed before us like a slut on Gokhale Road would pitch to a client. We cannot tell for sure where it came from but we can trace why it is coming up.

Otyooooo! Anha…

This is purely speculation backed by a few hints made by close sources to Lubowa Kyemba, the man from Buganda Kingdom’s Kyaggwe County. As thus, the speculation should be treated as such.

When NBS boss and embattled Jinja East MP, Nathan Igeme Nabeta allegedly chose to go to bed with Busoga One FM and Swengere Family’s Rio Alton Kasolo and Hussein Muyonjo a.k.a. Swengere, it didn’t go down well with a number of Nizam Road based 89.4 NBS FM staffers. Most pissed was Evening Drive and Sunday Guide host, Lubowa Kyemba. The tough and arrogant talking radio man didn’t mince words about his discomfort with his boss’ moves.

“I am a person who has made my name on my own credit. I can choose to go wherever I want and no one can stop me…”

“He (Lubowa) said if it meant him leaving this radio because of that, he was willing to go than hobnob with what he termed as the devil. Actually, when talking, he used an example of a woman who poisons your kids, goes on to smear your wife black around the village and the brings a gift at your wedding. According to him, he wouldn’t accept that gift and it makes sense. We also heard that the only reason honorable gave Swengere ads was to use him as a weapon against Balyeku. I’m not sure about it but you know our history and those guys of BABA FM. Now, according to Lubowa, NBS is past that fight and focus should be on business and not politics”


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Our source goes on to tell us that ever since the idea to play ads for the Swengere Family Show came up, NBS has been torn into two camps now; those that support the big man, Nathan Igeme Nabeta, and those supporting Lubowa.

“Lubowa has a point in what he says here but honorable is not one to back down on his move. Of course Lubowa is fronting the ethics card and it has won a number of guys to his school of thought.”

Lubowa talks…

We approached Lubowa for comment on the rumor but it was not easy bringing up the topic considering the tension created by the competition between NBS and BABA FM over the years over political sides.

“I do not have to answer to anyone about this, not even you! You heard the rumor, anha, so what? If you have not heard it from me then I didn’t say it but in the same vein, I am a person who has made my name on my own credit. I can choose to go wherever I want and no one can stop me. Do you think this is the first radio I started working on? Do you think I do not have the ability to rebrand? So in whatever you asking, I am not answerable to anyone”

If you notice, Lubowa neither denies nor accepts the rumor. If his Facebook posts are anything to go by, then you will notice that there is something boiling from under that we only have to kuteeka our bu butts ku ddongo and watch the all-star thriller play out.


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