More money. More names. More problems; Diddy backtracks on name change

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Sean “Diddy” Combs caused an uproar over the weekend after announcing he was changing his name to “Love.” The father of six said has come out to backtrack on the name change, something that was very feasible considering he’s changed names to Puff Daddy, P Diddy, Diddy, Puffy and Puff.

“Well, ladies and gentlemen, today I’ve come to the conclusion that you can NOT play around with the internet. Due to an overwhelming response from the media out there… and just due to there not wanting to be any confusion – I was only joking,” said the rapper in an Instagram video.

“In a People exclusive interview, Diddy said his favorite all-time moniker is Puff Daddy…”

“I didn’t change my name. It was just part of one of my alter egos. One of my alter egos is Love. But to set the record straight… You can address me by any of my older names. But if you still wanna call me Love, you can call me Love, baby. But I was only playin’,” he added.

Social media users went into meltdown when Combs made his initial announcement, with many saying they could not cope with another name change from the triple-Grammy winner. Wrestling fans also pointed out former WWE star Bruce Prichard had already taken the name Brother Love.

In a People exclusive interview, Diddy said his favorite all-time moniker is Puff Daddy, “Puff Daddy. He was just so free. Everything was just so lovely, but then life came. Then he turned into Diddy. Then P. Diddy. Then Puff.”

Sean “Diddy” Combs is worth $820million (£622.6m), according to Forbes in a recent publication. Born in Harlem, New York, he founded his label Bad Boy Entertainment in 1993 and his 1997 debut album, No Way Out, has been certified platinum seven times.

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