Meddy Dhakaba seeks greener pastures: leaves somber mood at NBS

A June 21st 2017 photo of Meddy "Uncle Meddy" Dhakaba while on holiday in Europe

Meddy, one of NBS 89.4FM’s longest serving on-air hosts, we learned was offered a juicy offer and given time to think about it. After consultations with himself, his confidants and his bosses, his answer was a “yes” to the offer; he agreed to crossover from NBS 89.4FM to 87.7 BABA FM.

It came as a surprise to many ardent radio listeners in Jinja as NBS seemed a really comfortable home for the drama actor, politician and on-air radio personality; no one thought for once that the decision for him to leave the Nizam Road based outfit would ever come up.

Meddy Dhakaba shares a photo moment with other BABA FM new recruits and top managers

Speaking to him shortly after the news made it to social media, he refuted rumors that there was any sinister motive. “To be honest with you, it is all about the money! Tell whoever asks that its is purely about money,” he insisted. “They (BABA FM) made an offer and when I presented it to my bosses, there was no counter offer. So, here I am,” he added.

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Prior to our scribes meeting Meddy Dhakaba, social media and the rumor streets were already at it citing politics, Busoga Kingdom issues, vengeance (the Balyeku-Igeme beef) and so many other things as the real motive behind radio’s biggest crossover in Jinja.

Meddy Dhakaba currently hosts the morning show together with Hassan Muwanga, Tonny Wantimba who also recently crossed over from Busoga One FM and Peregesi. Meanwhile, the mood on Bukyeire, NBS FM’s morning show is a somber one and even for a first-time listener, one can tell there’s a gap.

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