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‘Mayor Majid Batambuze Day’ in Georgia; JMC delegation scores on US trip


With immediate effect, every first day of June will be celebrated in Columbus, a city in western Georgia, as ‘Mayor Majid Batambuze Day’! This is a big score for the Jinja Municipal Council delegation that traveled to appreciate The Soul of My Footprint organization, for their works in the newly-approved Ugandan city.

The proclamation was made yesterday by B. H. Skip Henderson, the 70th Mayor of Columbus, Georgia at a private ceremony attended by a few dignitaries of the Columbus Consolidated Government and Jinja Municipal Council’s Mayor Majid Batambuze, Secretary for Works, Councilman Bernard Mbayo, and Town Clerk Jofram Waidhuba. The Mayor of Columbus signed a memorandum of cooperation with Jinja, awarded us the Honor of The City of Columbus, and proclaimed 1st June as Mayor Majid Batambuze Day.

The proclamation was made based on 7 grounds;

  1. That Majid Batambuze is the Mayor of Jinja, Uganda’s second-largest city.
  2. That Mayor Majid Batambuze is also the Chairman of the Urban Authorities Association of Uganda (UAAU). UAAU is the union of all cities, municipalities, and towns of Uganda and advocates for equitable and sustainable urban development.
  3. That Mayor Majid Batambuze of Jinja, Uganda and The Soul of My Footprint organization have common grounds on development and are complementary to each other.
  4. That Mayor Majid Batambuze and The Soul of My Footprint are willing to pursue the establishment of a winning relationship and friendship on the basis of equality and mutual benefit.
  5. That Mayor Majid Batambuze and The Soul of My Footprint will carry out, in accordance with the principles of equality and mutual benefit, exchanges and cooperation in various forms in the fields of the education, science, technology, culture, sports, health, environment, et al in a bid to promote common prosperity and development.
  6. That Mayor Majid Batambuze and The Soul of My Footprint agree to send delegations for business or representatives to visit at appropriate times and encourage the people of both organizations to take part in the friendly exchange and activities.
  7. There is a mutual agreement that Mayor Majid Batambuze and Alfie B. Jelks shall take center stage in identifying and recommendations of beneficiaries of the school bursary and medical services.

The Jinja Municipal Council delegation left for the United States of America to attend the biennial Twegaite International Convention in New Jersey at The Westin Hotel and travel to Columbus in Georgia to meet and say “Thank You” to The Soul of My Footprint and Have a Heart 4 Children at the invitation of Alfie B. Jelks, founder of the former organization.

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L-R: Bernard Mbayo, Jofram Waidhuba, Alfie B. Jelks, Majid Batambuze, B. H. Skip Henderson, and an unidentified Columbus Consolidated Government dignitary.

Alfie B. Jelks last year led a delegation of over 40 people to Jinja to do charity. During the visit, they gave over 2500 pairs of shoes to school children, food, and medical supplies. The delegation comprised professionals like doctors, engineers, et al and many of them are considering establishing homes and settling in Jinja to continue with their charity and philanthropic work.


Alfie B. Jelks is currently leading the effort to build a 3,000-square-foot medical and dental clinic in Namiyagi, a rural area about 8kms out of the Jinja city center and the JMC delegation visit was to also boost their fundraising efforts.

“It has been a wonderful and fruitful trip. We have initiated working partnerships here that we believe will benefit Jinja,” said Bernard Mbayo in a phone chat. “Today the Mayor of Columbus visited us at our residence and later hosted us to a fundraiser for these two organizations,” he added.

The delegation was also introduced to Dr. Florence Wakoko, a Ugandan Associate Professor of Sociology, and Chair of the African Studies Program at Columbus State University, and also met with Todd Strange, Mayor of Montgomery courtesy of Earnestine Woods, the founder of Have a Heart 4 Children organization.

Dr. Florence Wakoko invited the JMC Delegation to her home. Dr. Wakoko and her husband, John, are veterinary doctors.
Mayor of Jinja Majid Batambuze and Mayor of Montgomery Todd Strange.

“We had a meeting with the Mayor of Montgomery, Alabama, USA and agreed to cooperate on education, cultural exchange programs, and Jinja city development. He has promised to support our endeavors in the development of the city of Jinja and proposed co-funding the new Jinja City Development Master Plan” said Mayor Majid Batambuze in a phone chat with Skizar. “We also agreed on a doctor and the teacher exchange exposure program between Uganda and USA states of Georgia and Alabama,” he added.

From this visit, students in Jinja will have an opportunity to study in both the Alabama State University and City of Columbus University fully sponsored.


Alfie B. Jelks is an African American serving at the rank of Captain in the US Army. He is the founder of The Soul of My Footprint, a religious-based organization with a calling to help fellow Africans back home.

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