Maro on his 10 Year Anniversary is still a relevant music export from Jinja

Anjagala Live Concert • 14 Feb. 2020 • Méstil Hotel • #MaroAt10

A trip down current-music memory lane will bring up some good Ugandan R&B music between 2000 and the years that followed. Among those songs will be Tonelaga Maro’s debut single on which he featured Mikie Wine and Empress. Tonelaga was released towards the end of 2009 but got airplay in 2010.

10 years down the road, Maro has managed to remain relevant as a Ugandan artiste with roots in Jinja, He has weaved through the dynamic audience trends, the emergence of new artistes over time, shifting media trends, and changing sounds. Maro at 10 years is worth the celebration if you asked me.

“I have grown and lived on the Jinja-Kampala road but mostly in Nsambya barracks. I have literally always been on the back-and-forth between Kampala and Jinja all my life,” said Maro in a brief phone chat when asked about his Jinja roots. “But, I will finally relocate to Jinja because that is where I intend to build my home,” he conclusively added.

Anjagala Live Concert e-flyer. (MARO)

Let’s talk relevance…

When it comes to music, Maro, born Ronald Magada, has well over 50 songs to his claim. From the popular Mubbi Bubbi featuring David Lutalo, Kamboyine, to the emotional Rising Star, Maro has juggled and fused genres and sounds till he found that signature style that places him somewhere up there as the R&B Kyabanzinga (R&B King in Busoga). This has earned him 10 accolades across the country,

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It is funny to note that the title of R&B Kyabazinga was cemented by a fashion designer. “The title of R&B Kyabazinga came up when Kyokoba was enjoying heavy rotation. The title, however, became more pronounced when I held the ‘Mubbi Bubbi Concert’. I wore a gown designed by Shuba Wear and it had the title boldly inscribed on it,” recounts Maro.

Maro’s decade run will be celebrated at a concert dubbed ‘Anjagala Live Concert’ on Valentines Day 2020 at the prestigious Méstil Hotel & Residences in Nsambya, Kampala. The finer details are still scanty but it will be a musical celebration for the lanky crooner.

We will be sharing the event details as they come in.

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